Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A pretty much clean studio and my plans to make a mess

Okay, so my studio is pretty much done (just a few minor things to put away) and now it's time to get started on all the fabulous stuff I want to create this other words, time to have fun and mess up the studio.

See, I vacuumed. Now all you can see on the rug is the green dye I spilled. The orange paint I spilled. And the wax I dripped.

I'm writing all my plans in a brand new journal. Nothing like a new journal to fill with yummy'ness! I've been going through my journals from the past and collecting the ideas into one list. Last year, I started keeping a list of favorite things in each month. I enjoyed reading that so much that I think I'll do it again this year. So far on my list: This new journal!



Spiritual goals for 2010:

~more self love~

~more focus on the home~

~more time focused on faith and wearing my hat~

~living the moment, loving the moment~

~acknowledging the magick that is always all around me~

~remembering that statement at every single moment I can and then live knowing it's true~


Hence the yoga that has been causing me pain for the past couple days. But I'm still doing it. 2010 for me is the year of the body. I haven't been to a doctor of any kind for this year, I'm going! I'm getting a physical. I'm going to the gyno cause it's just so much fun. And I'm getting glasses cause I can't see anymore. I'm letting go of the need to smoke tomorrow. Even though tomorrow will come and my body will have a fit about it, I'm still going to do it.

And since this is true

Here are my artistic goals:

~alter more boxes and that stack of journals~
(check out that 1970's duck hanging above - I made that when I was just lil - it's ugly, but it's mine)

~finish that clay pitcher that I started eons ago and maybe make more~

~paint, Paint, PAINT - paint more paintings, paint walls, paint quotes on those walls, finish the paintings I started last year, paint myself if I'm sitting still too long~

~play with new art toys~

~one guess what I'm going to do with this~

I just have to figure out how to do it.

I also have this recent adoration of I'd like to make some clocks, some real, some not real.

Oh and I absolutely have to make some of these!

There's much more, but I gotta keep some secrets to myself.

If the following is true:

I'm already ahead of the game! :)

(the cards pictured above are from "The Mastery of Love" deck by Don Miguel Ruiz art by Lori Koefoed)


  1. Wowie !!! You are making space for so many amazing things. What I admire most is that you are looking for ways to honor you mind, your body and your spirit. Talk about a "whole" plan !
    The physical stuff have always been a challenge for me - I am much better at "working" on the spirit or my creative mind. This year, I need to work on the physical too but I need to find a way that I enjoy because if anything feels like a punishment, I give it up really quick !
    I did the quitting smoking thing - it is a year and a half now. That was the hardest thing I have every done, I think, and yet the process is so easy. Just say no, over and over again. And in the meantime, the spaces betweenthe no's gradually get longer and longer.
    Now that I have quit smoking (which I really loved !), I know I can do anything I need to do to feel better about myself. I just have to "want" to do it...
    Here's to looking at our wonderful potential !
    Good luck with it all and I am here if you need me ! ;)

  2. I love all your plans for the new year... tell me about the wagon... i'm stumped. Your studio looks ready for ya! Cant wait to see what you are up to next. xoxo

  3. Wow!!!! This is such a wonderful post, filled with so much delight and magick!! I LOVE your studio! You did a wonderful job organizing it. I want to drink in every little thing about it, take notes so I can make my place look as utterly inspiring creatively. LOVE THE PURPLE WALLS! All of your creations are awesome. Just pure awesomeness oozing from every one. I am so excited for you in all that you have planned! These are wonderful intentions and I'm sending you my best, strongest wishes that you receive every strength and help you need to make these a part of your life! I want you to succeed. ESPECIALLY in having quit smoking! YAY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay strong, no matter what. Are you using anything? The patch? gum? something? The patch helped me sooooooo much. It really made it so I at least didn't have to deal with the physical cravings. The distress was all mental, and it really wasn't so bad. Just make yourself dreamboards of how healthy and happy and free you are going to be for not smoking anymore. And give yourself lots of treats along the way! Don't wait until you accumulate the savings at first. You NEED to treat yourself right away and often - with each successful day or week! And your intentions to take care of your health after not going to the docs in so long - wowee, you sound just like me last year. I quit and then had this overwhelming pull to go take care of my health like never before. I know it can be scary with all the thoughts swirling around our heads about how not fun it is to go to doctors, but imagine how awesome you'll feel knowing for sure you can knock things to worry about off your list of health worries! Know what I mean? I'm looking into getting the dental work I need done this year. I'm sending you lots of happy thoughts and sparkly magickal energy! xoxoxo Serena

  4. Wow.. you have a Beautiful Studio! I hope you painted lots of things this past year...

    The picture of your cat Rowan is too funny.. I love it!

    Blessings & Light ~


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