Monday, April 5, 2010

Here's what I've been seeing lately

Sleeping cats

How funny is Magick sleeping like this? That's his normal sleeping position.

Pirate sleeps funny too. He's also known as Sleepy McGee because he used to sleep so much.

Wentz loves the back of the couch lately.

Pop-Tart is still into the corner.

Twix enjoying the cat tree they got for Christmas.

Cleopatra is blurry, but still cute.

Here's 7 of them enjoying the cat tree. (from top, Wentz, Pirate, Cleo, Twix, Pop-Tart, Magick, Mooka)

I woke poor Mooka up.

Rowan sleeping in a box that we can't get rid of because so many of them love to sleep in it. These cats are totally spoiled. :)

Rowan's birthday was April 1st. Here's his balloon. :)

That morning I was feeding the crew and happened to look out the kitchen window and BAM, saw this low flying hot air balloon. Every once in a while we see them fly over our area. It's pretty cool to see them so low.

Evidence of Spring!

One guess why I bought this herb last year.

Because it's called Melissa aka Lemon Balm. I couldn't resist a plant that has the same name as magickal me.

YES! The chamomile is coming up nicely.

The mint is doing it's spring stretch.

Mmmmm, chocolate mint. It's like having Andes candies growing in the garden.

Our first flower!

The lilies are taking over. Can't wait till they bloom.

I have no idea what this stuff is. I got it from my friend's daughter. The only thing I do know is that it grows anywhere and everywhere with absolutely no help. That's great for me because my thumb ain't too green.

Here it is growing in two pots. It even grew out the bottom!

Here's some cute lil envelopes I made for a project I'm working on.

Have a love filled day!


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