Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How it goes Auntie Emme

When slumbering in sleep
the mind stumbles

the years become ripe
the soul scatters to the wind

images are smitten with one another
the body is contagious

reason has lost the way
doubt arises as a single thing

grief shares its death
fear moves like smoke

effort speeds off with choice

vessels pump pain

limbs withdraw from understanding

& absolutely nothing seems held together

Remember this...
when the eyes

& the cheeks

& the voices dry up

when the mind dissolves its lethargy

it is then,
that is the time when the spirit summons back Life

cling to this hope

look toward this happening

for it will be

for it is yours

for it has arrived
for it is now

yeah baby.


  1. so happy to read a post of yours again!!!

  2. Lovely! So so proud of you and your success!

  3. So good to hear from you again! I just love your work - it really speaks to me. Theresa

  4. Yeah baby indeed!
    I love, love reading your words
    and seeing your art...

  5. Oh Yes--I loved this post and this glorious art of yours!


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