Sunday, January 30, 2011

The art of letting go

there are many things i didn't know about myself that i found out recently
there are all sorts of things i can do
there are many characters alive inside that i didn't know


of concern with what negative things people would think or say
of my own shy, insecure, unsure, 'i can't' nature
i realized that that crap has only held me back
held me back from having fun
from doing what I truly want to do
from enjoying my life
from helping other people to enjoy their life
from allowing people to see me, really see me
so I started.....
looking around.....

and i found

The Lady NightShade of NightShade Theater
A woman of talent and of mystery indeed

A lovable monster named Miss Cheff
don't let her fool you though
she really only wants to make you laugh

A silent film star

and a princess with powers to make monsters go away

Why had I spent so much time looking away from me

when it's all happening inside baby

behind these eyes

is a whole world for me to discover
and to share

i promise to pull the veil aside
and to become all the me's i find inside

take a look around
who do you find inside you?
let her out



  1. Hi Meliss--thanks so much for visiting my blog--beautiful artwork!!!

  2. I've just a a peek, this looks wonderful, but it's a 'school night' and I have to get up for work in the morning! So I'm going to enjoy exploring the House of Art tomorrow........

  3. Hi my dear sister.... I read this earlier today and your words are floating effortlessly through my head. There was something about the words chosen today that it all clicked in my head. YOU are so right about letting go. Thank you for sharing this and I must say, I feel exceptionally free from the internal critic this very moment. A little bit scared to take the next step but not going to run from it anymore. LOVE YOU!

  4. What a fabulously amazing post! I will definitely pay a visit to the House of Art. Thanks for sharing this and it was GREAT to hear from you!!! Theresa

  5. Great post! And I loved your video - watched them all today - you are so much fun to watch! Thank you for your visit and comment - I am so happy you are finding the success you deserve, xoxo

  6. What an awesome post!Love it sister!I too am learning the language of letting go...u have put a smile on my face and hope in my heart tonight.Thank you!


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