Friday, February 11, 2011

The preciousness of presents

Past the forest I mingled with mirth

for the muse's sweet call grasped my heart

i looked down at the foot of my feet

& seeing the heights to which I'd risen

knew i was free

of emptied space

& instant time

& blind night days

& great dangers who dance with ruin

because Art is always present

Are You?



  1. B-e-a-utiful!! I adore you poetry and you blog! Yeah me! I've found a new blog dose of inspiration!

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog! I watched your background tuturial and used newspapers as a background for my latest painting. Thanks for the video=)! I also wanted to tell you I loved you pajama pants in the video. I was thinking, "sweet! I am not the only one who creates in pajamas"!


  2. Beautiful and inspiring post, as always! Happy weekend! Theresa

  3. love love love the painting of the girl with the stars on her cheeks! So creative!!! xoxo Your #1 chickie!

  4. Your poetry, art, photography - what a beautiful blend of the spectacular.


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