Friday, April 19, 2013

Featured Film Short: Pencil, Paint, and Paper


Ps:  People keep using the word 'nice' in reference to this bombing suspect.....this is what I heard about the word nice from a criminal investigator:  "Nice is not a personality trait.  It is a social mask that people wear in order to get what they want."  I am married to someone people describe as a 'nice' guy.......honestly, people would be surprised at who he is when he isn't wearing his social mask and what he really thinks about them.  Can we now understand that KNOWING someone's name, what they look like, going to school with them, smoking pot with them socially, chatting about a bunch of meaningless nothing, seeing them a couple times a year for family get-togethers ISN'T KNOWING THEM - it's you forming an opinion of who you think/believe they are.  Most people are fake and wouldn't tell you how they really feel or what they really think....especially if they are a terrorist.  Stop buying into the Fakebook idea that everyone you met once is your friend and that you have even the slightest idea who they are.  It takes years of intimate contact with someone to know who they are, not just going to school with them or being (to quote the movie Dutch) "yanked out" of the same crotch or even having similar DNA.  Intimate contact, talking, spending time together.....but oh, I forgot, people don't actually like to do that.........yes, fake is much more comfortable.  so is nice.

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Need some help liking your own art?
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