Friday, August 30, 2013

I always knew it was true

“God will give you glimpses” “to let you know that you’re not normal.  You’re not ordinary.  You don’t fit in with them.  You can’t be one of them.  (So) Stop trying to act like the rest of your 'friends'.  You are different.  My hand is upon your life.  I call you out from among them.  Be ye separated and I will be your God and ye shall be my people.” Bishop T. D. Jakes

Just because the parade has different taste in music than you and they keep telling you there's something wrong with your taste, doesn't mean they're right.  Their opinion isn't right for you.  They're opinion can be right for them, about them, in their life.

And sometimes, you'll find that you have to separate yourself from the parade so you can finally hear the music you're supposed to be marching to instead of their voices telling you you're not normal or ordinary and meaning it to hurt you.

Remind me to tell you about snide comments one day.

Grab onto those Godly Glimpses and ride it like a rocket.  It's your life dear, sweet one....make something wondrous out of it - start today!!



  1. I applaud you Meliss! I found you last night, I think I've watched all your videos. Do what you love and the rest will follow (that's what "they" say)! I'm an older retired woman who is slowly learning what I could have learned a long time ago...but you know, LIFE. But I'm learning now that's what counts. Loved your videos, btw!

    1. I receive your applause! What a delightful message. I received it so long ago, but alas I've been sick and time has run over me and left me in its dust.....LIFE. :) Now I'm slowly coming back. I'm so glad that you came across my 'lil space so we could meet. Yeah, sometimes I regret not knowing what I know now, then. But then I think, How could I have, eh? big huge Thank yous for your video love. I appreciate you.


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