Friday, September 27, 2013

How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? 1

“Quantum Physics is, essentially speaking, is the physics of possibility.”

“How can a system or an object be in two or more states at the same time?  It’s very easy.  Instead of thinking of things as things.  We all have a habit of thinking that everything around us is already a thing, existing without my input, without my choice.  You have to banish that kind of thinking.  Instead you really have to recognize that even the material world around us” “all of these are nothing but possible movements of consciousness.  And I’m choosing moment to moment out of those movements to bring my actual experience into manifestation.  This is the only radical thinking that you need to do.  But it is so radical - it’s so difficult because our tendency is that the world is already out there, independent of my experience.  It is not.  Quantum physics has been so clear about it.  Heisenberg himself, co-discoverer of quantum physics said “Atoms are not things, they’re only tendencies.”  So, instead of thinking of things, you have to think of possibilities.  They’re all possibilities of consciousness.”

-from What the Bleep do We Know-


Ps:  It is possible that a video could show up in our lives next Friday.......but it's not a thing, it is only a possibility.

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