Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Be warned

June 4, 2010

If you are going to do this, be prepared to find yourself bored, uninspired, frustrated, lonely, blah, depressed, incapable, not-worthy, angry, disappointed, unable...even if you LOVE doing this! There will still be these emotions. They will still be present. If it's REALLY for you - you'll work through them, with them, in-spite of them because you won't be able to NOT do this. If it's IN you, it will be a part of your life (period).



  1. Amen sister and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  2. I keep hearing the word ~ Transformation ~....

  3. Yep.
    Can't and wouldn't want to live without the ups and downs of it. I need to be the creative being that I same. The soul says so.
    Hugs, Creative One !

  4. This is so true, Melissa. You have provided third inspiring post I've read today. It is a sign! I go through all these emotions - but I never ever give up. Thanks for reminding me why! :) Theresa

  5. hi! there is a surprise for you on my blog!

  6. I am feeling so many of these emotions today - but now I am feeling a little less lonely. Thank you:-)


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