Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What a relief!

In my last post, I said this:

 "is it unrealistic to want or expect someone who is your 'friend' to call you back?"

Last Thursday, September 13, I received this response:

This is what Bishop T. D. Jakes said,

“I can’t be committed to everything.  I can’t join everything.  I can’t be married to a thousand women.  I can’t work a thousand jobs.  I can’t join five churches.  Because I take my commitment too seriously to spread it around loosely.  It costs too much.  I see a lot of people now I like, that interest me and intrigue me and I would like to be friends, but I don’t become friends with them because I understand that REAL friendship is an investment.  And there’s not anymore of me to go around, so we will be nice and we’ll be casual acquaintances.  Because I understand REAL friendship is a commitment: It means I will be there for you.  It means I will return your calls.  It means I’ve got your back.  It means that I will emotionally, spiritually, financially do whatever I can to undergird you.  And I can’t do that with everybody.”


I mean come on.......THAT ONE specific act, of returning a call, was THE ONLY SPECIFIC act he mentioned.....
he didn't say, "I'll remember your birthday" or "I won't steal your husband."
he said, "It means I will return your calls."
I don't know about you,
but that's a WOW for me.

it's magick.

and I'm glad to finally know more about the relationship we call "Friendship."  I now know according to a pretty wise dude, REAL FRIENDS call you back.  I agree with him.

It's still a wonderful and complex world, with many joyous things to do.

be safe,
be well,
be enchanted.

ps:  BTW, that means I was right.  Friends call friends back.  Associates don't.  Don't ever try to make a bunch of associates your friends!  And most definitely DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT try to make them your family that you never will most certainly blow up in your face.

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