Monday, July 12, 2010

Journals: For the love of words and art

All this comes through my soul
through my body
through my mind
through my eyes
through my hands
through my tools
through my experience
through my dreams
through what I want my life to be

What can I say of that day?
The wind whipping through my soul.
My face uneven.
My heart beating thrice.
& my mouth full of dirty poetry.

A work finally complete:

Create yourself in the image of your inner Empress.
She will never lead you astray.


  1. Your art is so beautiful, Melissa. And your words are always so magickal and truly speak to me. Thank you for sharing this today! Theresa

  2. oh melissa!!! such inspiring journal pages!!! the texture is wonderful and meaningfull!

  3. Girl, These paintings are filled with wonder and delight and reflect your own beautiful soul. LOve them, & YOU!

  4. Beautiful work, Magical One ! You have hit such a wonderful stride in your art making ! Brava, brava, brava !

  5. Lovely work and words! I really enjoyed wandering through your beautiful space!



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