Saturday, July 24, 2010

Making found poetry can increase your vocabulary

Why beyond other happenings,
I trow earth and sky be mortal.

Moreover, everlasting life does abide,
close locked bodies of matter war,

musicians are poets to harmonies,

and in certain arts I discovered myself shattered.
I stitched me back together.

I found the word "trow" in an old book. I had no idea that it meant "to believe." Go figure.

I'll be on vacation with my family this week. See you in August. Make this last week of July the best!


  1. A perfect post!
    ENJOY yourself this week!

  2. Such beautiful words! Enjoy your vacation - I hope its a blissful and magickal one!!! Theresa

  3. have a nice vacation and...trow!

  4. Ένα φεγγάρι λησμονιάς
    Χαρούμενο αλήτης
    Να διώχνει πάντα μακρια
    Τα σύννεφα της λύπης…

    Καλή εβδομάδα!

  5. You totally blow my mind. You are one of my favorite bloggers, ever.

  6. Is trow related to troth?
    And if so betrothed?

  7. melissa is a poem written from the blogfriend magician. i'll try to translate this wonderful poem : a forgetful moon , joyful like a child may get away from you the clouds of the sorrow!

    then, he wishes you a happy week!


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