Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Key to today

Today, like every other day, I am wholly holy.

My skirt flowing.
Hair wrapped & covered in a sacred scarf.
My extremities adorned in bells & colorful jewels.

Around my neck The Priestess of Mermaid'ness floats. (*)

I feel.
I am.
In my life lately, there have been happenings of bats & chipmunks,
new birds my eyes have never before laid upon
& tidings of turtle ways.

In the hill outside my studio window,
there are eggs hoping to hatch.

There have also been spiders & snakes.
I honor their presence,
acknowledge the fear they awaken in me
& allow them to pass on their way,
to wherever they are going,
which is the same place I am.

Bells tinkle all around me.
They surround my ankle & wrist,
they hang at my waist.

Oh my Gypsy spirit is awake.

Oh Mother,

keep me at your breast,
guide my soul,
help my feet to walk where I must,
teach my hands your creative ways,
show my heart the secrets of its~self,

grace my mind with Peace,

show my eyes beauty in all things,

fill my nose with the sweet smell of You,

lay my tongue to rest for now,

allow my ears to listen & to hear only You.

Yeah, that's what I want for this gorgeous day.

Me & You, swirling around each other.

*(necklace by Queen Kim)


  1. oh! what beautiful and inspiring words!!!and your photos are wonderful(especially zen and daisies!)
    please , if you can read my post about art journaling as a therapy! i'd appreciate your opinion! thanks!!!

  2. Lovely post!! Have a happy day!!

    Micki x

  3. I'm glad you're loving your blog! I think it suits you!


  4. This was so truly a beautiful, Melissa. The photos and words were just enchanting. Your art was the perfect accompaniment. Theresa

  5. Twirl my friend, in all that is YOU! xoxo

  6. You are an amazing Gypsy Goddess, my friend ! I love this post and I love how you are loving and living life to the fullest ! Carry on, Gorgeous One !
    Big Love !


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