Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In Thee House of Thee Ancestors

In Thee House of Thee Ancestors,
She stepped ever so lightly,

for She knew not to disturb the dust which had settled upon the past,
for ghosts are easily awakened,
even in the light of day.

Standing under the candles,
She spoke the spell

Gathered walls,
hold my name
sacred on your lips.

Let us discover
the divine in our make-up.

Let us travel together,
us in each other.

Let us establish substance in our hearts.

Let us give birth to a journey gifted with the highest good.

Let us bear fruit so sweet
that solace itself will desire only us

And let us know that faith and focus can create any story we want.

So grow clear topmost thought,
so that deeds can see what was done,

& reason can draw up experience
& then laugh at the eager mind polishing Its pictures,

while a Great,
many times over,
Grandmother Moon
hangs dustily upon the wall
awaiting your never arrived touch.


ps: my musical muse today "Undun" by (the) Guess Who (that's who)

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