Friday, April 8, 2011

Thee Heights, and subsequent Heist, of Bliss

On Thee Beach of Bliss's Fullness,
She looked to Thee Above
and Knew...
just knew.

Castle on Her shoulder,
Her lips pursed in anticipation,
forever frozen in Thee Waiting,
in Thee Sweetness that IS Waiting.

What is it that You imagine She's about to say?

Hello, to You, who read my words,
who see my sights.
You help make my life important,
and worthy,
but even without You,
I'd still be here.

in Thee Bliss of Stripey Goodness.

Here in this Dawning of Delight,
where i bathe in waffles and laughter,
thinking it will last as long as I let it.

& in this Spring of Ecstasy,
i am pleased more and more by Thee Simplest of Bird Songs,
& Thee Lifting of Limbs.

How can that be after all the acanthus I encountered behind the scenes?
I don't know.
I really don't know.
But I Smile at it.
I MaRVeL at It.

I am more joy~full,
more at ease in me than ever,
ever before.
& I ADoRE It.

& although I vowed,
only a few days ago,
return back there
no matter the cost.
I find myself slipping backward for no apparent reason,
other than,
my usual pat answer,
"That's how it goes."
This is where the Heist comes in.

But I'm still Here,
with papered butterflies
frozen into forever
on papered dresses.

& inside this box,
the depths of my bliss~filled being curl up
& dream their everlasting dreams.

For I've decided for all time,
even if i never accomplish anything that Society deems "important",
I am happy here with my waffle moments.
cause waffle moments are GooD.
& GooD is all there really is.

You know,
I think...
she longs to passionately exclaim this,
"Pursue the complete happiness of the day...
& WHeN you catch it,
claim it...
because you deserve it!"

What do you think about that?

~Make magick & Forget tragick~

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