Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Tale of Tea: Part 1

Part 1: The beginning

It all begins with the decision:
I’ll do a blog post with a movie.
Like I did with the studio tour.
Yeah, that'll be cool.

That’s the easy part.
As a matter of fact,
in this story,
it’s the only easy part.
Every thing else that follows is the hard part.
That’s why I’m glad this idea fell into my head at the very start......
“It’s supposed to be fun, not perfect.”

Random ideas about what to do show up
I write them down
at first in my journal
here and there
in bits and pieces
then I gather them in the computer to help me stay sane

I begin making things
some things I never even use
but I don’t know this at the time
I complete them
then come up with new ideas or further develop the old ideas
which leave these items obviously useless, for now

I nearly tear my hair out making 24 Al-liss-es
because the computer does not work logically!
Trial and error left many currently non-usable Al-liss-es waiting around in the
“Hey, maybe I can use this in my art journal” pile

I imagine what it would look like to film so I could find any potential problems.
I filmed it in my mind dozens of times.
I played scenes in my mind.
I ran through the sequence of events over and over
all in my head.
I studied, I practiced, I considered it all before I actually did it
because I didn’t want to waste my own time.
I felt a little like Harry Potter in ‘Prisoner’
“I knew I could do it, well, because I’d already done it.”

I use ‘down time’ to think - AKA, I lay in bed at night while trying to fall asleep coming up with:
ways to ‘fix’ any problems I’d encountered
or what to do here or there
or what to use here or there
or just saying, “God, please help me.....God, I know you are.  I trust you and I know you will provide everything I need when I need it.”

I take mental breaks so I don’t mentally break
by laying down in the afternoon while the dishwasher runs
with as much silence as I can get
and I invite answers to show up
(and they do, although not always right then)

I prepare as much as I can before The Hubby is on vacation
because we’ll be spending that week filming

I swim every day
and enjoy my life
and the times and experiences and ‘things’ I am blessed with.
I pray, “We really could use some rain.....like 3 days in a row........uh-oh!  But not until after vacation because I’m filming all next week!” 
Too late.....I already said it.
“It’s supposed to be fun, not perfect.”


Ps:  Part 2 coming Thursday
Ps2:  If you missed The mAd T pArTY here it is.

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