Monday, August 13, 2012

A Tale of Tea: Part 3 (that rhymes)

Part 3:  Uploading and Editing, editing, editing

First, is getting it all in the computer
and then, for me, for now, comes putting it in one video program simply so I can save it so I can actually use it in a-whole-nother video program because the program I want to use it in won’t use what comes directly out of the camera.

How stupid.  It’s a video camera and a video program!  How can they not speak the same language!!??  I swear, it’s just one of those things in my life that’s literally just meant to annoy me.

Oh AND since the 1st video program was updated (which you’d think would make things better and faster) now the process takes longer ‘cause that video program has to “prepare” it first
ugh.  How come it didn’t used to have to ‘prepare’ it??
Whatever.  Just suck it up and deal with it with a smile ‘cause it is what it is.
So, I jump through those hoops of fire without any scorch marks.

Editing day 1 goes really well
I’m pleased with what I have so far and how much I got done

And then........editing after that gets harder,
much harder.

music won’t play right, a certain song starts when it feels like starting, not when it’s supposed to and no matter what I try to do, it won’t act right - Grrrrrr

music isn’t long enough so I have to edit it and alter it, not too bad, unless I’m dealing with the above mentioned song which doesn’t play right - double Grrr

While trying to shrink and/or grow Al-liss, I get the pictures all messed up and have to start all over.......

The Hubby and I talked so much during ‘The Bunny Chase’ that I have to block out 10 seconds of video, copy it, paste it into a new file, remove the sound from it, publish it, then go back to the original file, find the now sound-free published piece, bring it into the program, remove the 10 second clip from the project, bring the sound-free published piece in to replace it, and put whatever effect I have on the rest, so most people would not be able to tell the difference unless I pointed out the fact that for 10 seconds, you didn’t hear noise in the background under the music playing.

No wonder I almost went crazy doing that part.  I said to him, “We couldn’t have made it any harder for me unless we were doing it on purpose.”  Every single time we spoke, I had to go through that process.  Triple, quadruple GRRRRRR!

But eventually it all got done
and it all came together
just like I knew it would
or hoped or wished or made it.

Now all I gotta do is put it all together in a post.
Should be a piece of cupcake,


Ps:  Part 4 coming Wednesday

Ps2:  If you missed The mAd T pArTY here it is.

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