Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life goes on

Been sad. Been spending lots of time with the cats.

I watched The Green Mile the other day, never saw it before. I liked the quote at the end....."Everyone owes a death. There are no exceptions." Life has an exquisite pain about it and I will not avoid it. My little defiant insides say, "BRING IT ON!" But the rest of me says - keep us all together and healthy and happy for lots and lots of years. Ah, the uncertainty, the lovely'ness, the brilliant way of Life.

Let's look at something pretty, shall we?

All around the top it says, "Faerie hearts open wide to the rushing tide, won't you let it inside?"

I say

(available, the last time I looked, at Building Character - $12.50)


  1. Soaking up the joy in the everyday moments makes those painful intense moments live-able somehow. Does that make sense ? I think it does. Almost like having recognized and totally felt the good, I can get through the bad - it has made it worth it !
    I love the idea of the perfectly imperfect heart we all have. And I think yours is a perfectly beautiful one too.
    Lovely magick boxes !
    Have a cozy Sunday evening...
    ~huggers ~!

  2. Wise words from a strong and courageous soul. It's hard to contemplate these things and not feel uneasy, at least for me. But many a wise one has said the same thing... that to make friends with death is to free yourself to really live. Oh but it's hard to do!

    I enjoy seeing all your gorgeous, magickal work! I love that it's so playful and joyful. Many blessings and all kinds of good stuff to you! XOXO

  3. Oh thank you so much for your lovely compliments of my artwork! Hope you're feeling better. Sending you love and hugs! XOXO


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