Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My magickal life

Some magick happened to me yesterday.

I was working on a new project and wanted to do some of my new favorite thing.....creating some found poetry. I decided to use the copy of "Our Daily Bread" that I picked up. Lots of lovely'ness in there. The first page I flipped to caught my eye because I saw my name. Then I read what it said. (you can click on the image to make it bigger)

Being seen or noticed or recognized or appreciated by others on Earth is not THE most important thing. THE most important thing is to do what my soul loves to do and to see and notice and recognize and appreciate my~self and to know that I am always seen and noticed and recognized and appreciated in the beyond. Just because I don't hear the roar of the crowd or the thunder of applause, doesn't mean it isn't there. It's there because I believe it's there.

BTW: the word that's 'missing' is HEART

Another magickal thing about yesterday: I easily found all the words that I was looking for.


  1. Found poetry is a fun thing, Melissa ! I love it and I think that your paper from the church was the perfect place to get your words from !
    I totally agree with you about doing what is good for your soul for no other reason than that is makes you feel whole and complete. Expecting the praise and notice from others can put you into a real trap of doing things for "false" reasons. And also =, the recognition is never, ever enough until it comes from within, or from your spirit, the Spirit. You are so very wise today, lovely One ! Thanks for the reminder !
    Have a magickal day !

  2. I got tinglies when I came to the message in the article. And how perfect that it was "Melissa" who spoke it! See now, that's confirmation that you're on your right path! 'Cause that's when all these wonderful synchronicities start cropping up.

    Big Love and Lots more Magick!
    XOXO Serena


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