Thursday, November 19, 2009

Birthday bliss

Something that I've fallen in love with....

I liked this girl so much that I decided to use her again.

poem reads:
a process
more intimate
cheese is gold
Earth your life
working, sleeping
you have a meaning

(the cheese is gold part makes me laugh, but I like it)

poem reads:
crystal stardust
inside them
new glory
with nature
and outside
they often
gather around

(Blissful Wheel Around $28 at Building Character)

The poem around the top reads:

Taking deep breaths
the blissful wheel around
a symbol of a never-ending message
herb gardens feel an affinity
birds listen for nature
life turns into a stretch of reason
She's the sunrise walks
next to a clump of trees

I forgot how much I enjoy writing poetry. Glad I remembered.

Have you ever watched the movie "Phenomenon"? There's a part in the beginning when George, at his birthday party, walks outside. He says, "37" and raises his glass to the sky in gratitude. Well, that's me.......37 and great~full.


  1. Happy Birthday Sunshine! Didnt know... sorry I missed it!!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday, Beautiful Melissa !

    I am so glad you found a cool friend to celebrate with.It is really special to have a heart friend who gets you and who you can hang out with and do art stuff.
    Love the art journal mags - I have the most recent one and it is full of all kinds of ideas to play with.
    Loving the beautiful boxes mixed with your words. All so playful and magick !
    Wishing you more and more celebrations !
    Big hugs !

  3. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!! Woohoo! Wishing you an awesome year, filled with goodness, blessings, and beautiful magickal happenings! Hope you had a lovely day on it! I love those Artful Journaling magazines - I love ALL the Somerset Studio publications. I just wish they'd stop coming out with more because I want them all. Love your spontaneous poetry! That IS funny - Cheese is Gold. It IS, too! If you love it like I do. Num Num. I love doing that, cutting out phrases that seem to be loaded with meaning and then using them to build poems. I have one of those sticky photo paper albums with plastic covers in which I keep all my little strips of phrases so I can see what I've got to work with. Sometimes I feel like it's a form of divination, pulling out phrases and stringing them together depending on how they seem to want to go. I'll bet that's our Muse communicating through us! Anyway, I'm LOVING your boxes!!


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