Monday, November 23, 2009

My mind is a quagmire of thought,
of knowing,
of not knowing,
of forgetting,
of remembering,
of realizing,
of experiencing,
of inner and outer action.
But perhaps you think that when I am still,
because you think or believe I am still,
that I am still...
let me say, "I am never STILL."
My atoms, my particles,
of which you cannot see (get a microscope),
are in Constant Motion.
So, you see,
you might just not see it...
but I am always going.
You are too.


  1. love it sweet girl! Love you! I am sure you are going in your sleep!
    I never had a doubt!!!! xoxoxo

  2. Going, going, going is okay as long as it doesn't end with gone !
    I just got back from meditation - so I am going a little more slowly than this.
    I hope your quagmire comes clear.
    Much love !


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