Tuesday, November 1, 2011

and call it "Diving Back In"

I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to post
and haven't
I could go to my journal and count them, but I won't
if I do that, I probably will never post again
because something will always keep pulling me away from posting
is it simply because I want to ?
or is it because I don't want to?
i can't figure it out
so I won't bother
I'll just tell you in glimpses of time,
in usual Meliss fashion,
what i've been up to:

Finding Pirate sleeping in so many cute positions.
He is such a sweetheart.

starting ANOTHER journal because the other one is filled up.
asking God to rekindle me.

Gaining discipline by working out almost every day. and actually loving it.
and after reading this,
"When you begin to honor yourself and your life - You become disciplined." (Iyanla Vanzant - One day my soul just opened up)
wanting more and more discipline.....
because it means I am honoring myself and my life.

Watchin' tv with Hubby
or as he calls it - spending quality time with the tv while he's snoozing away
hey, it's him who's missin' the show he said he wanted to watch,
not me
i saw it

seeing things doubled,

Laughin' at the things Hubby says cause i STILL find him amusing
dance for me puppet
it's wonderful to have someone dance for you because it makes them happy to make you happy
i'm so blessed

being happy about sad faces
because they are who they are
and i find beauty in them
because of it.

Finding cats sleeping together who don't normally sleep together.
experiencing things that don't normally happen and saying, "Come cuddle with me."
Those two aren't still laying there.
There's nothing like a winter weekend snowy day....
especially when you're prepared.....even if it happens when you're not expecting it.

Wanting to finish projects
but not finishing them
and saying
"I got time"
but then it snowed
before Halloween.

catchin' birds taking the same kind of naps I see the cats take
totally out of it.
look at this bird's dimple chin! isn't it cute?

the poor things flew so hard they needed to SLEEP!
I get it.
I've been doin' some nappin' myself
but after a short time of it
this bird got back to what it was supposed to be doing
flying toward its destination
what's your destination?
do you know?
I recently discovered my destination.........
I recently found out where I want to go....
I recently decided to pursue.......


now all I have to do is figure out what that means.


under the milky way tonight - the church

don't take it all so seriously.....
i hope you're able to laugh today.....
because it's just really really fun
and you deserve it.


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