Thursday, February 25, 2010

Interview 10: Zorana

When I hear the name Zorana, I think of mysterious lands and gypsy women (who wouldn't, her name just evokes it). I also think of stunning art!

Her blog, Zoranaland, is overflowing with gorgeous images that quickly inspire my hands to grab a paint brush. Oh the TEXTURE I want to crawl inside of! The Color that pleases my eyes and amazes my mind! The Beauty that feeds my soul! The Words that reflect my friends Feeling, Experience, Spirit! (Can you tell I'm in love with her art?)

Zorana may be a bit mysterious, but there is no question in my mind of the level of her talent. Check out her etsy shop, you'll see it too!

The past:

How long have you been arting?

I started painting seven years ago when I was suddenly left with a ton of free time (children that started school and no work).

Have you always hearted your art or did you struggle to do so?

I never thought that I was creative, so in the beginning I was extra happy that I could paint anything... The struggle came later. I easily go from thinking that what I painted is the best thing ever to feeling like I have no talent and nothing to offer. Most of the time I'm somewhere in between.

If you did struggle, how long did it take for you to heart your art?

I think it's an ongoing process. We all have the loud, annoying inner critic. Maybe that's what helps us strive for better, more and helps us evolve. I wonder if there are people out there that are so confident that they really, deep inside heart their art all the time...

What was the process you went through?

I understood that I don't have to heart everything I create. I love the process of creating.

Has there ever been a time when you stopped arting because of this struggle?

In the middle of 2009. I think I was overwhelmed by all the art I see on the internet. I felt like I can't compete, so I stopped.

If so, how long was it before you returned?

Two months. Not long...

How did you begin again?

Sharon (Norah's art) came for a visit, we went to two amazing workshops (Katie Kendrick and Judy Wise). That was more than enough to make me realize that art is a part of who I am and that I cannot stop creating ever again.

Family and Friends:

Is (or was) your family supportive of you and your art?

Very much. They love what I do and show it. They also know that if I don't create for a while I turn into a less pleasant person :-)

How about friends (past and present)?

I don't share my art with my real life friends. I'm much less shy over the computer.

Describe the type of support they have provided?

I love when my husband calls me "his artist". I also love that when I complain about my day job he tells me to quit and make a living with art. Very unrealistic, but extra sweet and means the world to me.

How much influence has your experiences with family and friends had on your own feelings about your art?

I know that the acceptance comes from deep inside. Sometimes all the outside support is not enough to convince me that something is good.

Outside Influence:

How much influence does ‘the outside’ have on your feelings about your art?

Not as much as it did before. I know now that I would create even if no one liked my art. I just probably wouldn't share it.

How does positive feedback affect your feelings?

It gives me wings! I create much more after a good sale or a especially positive feedback.

How do you deal with negative comments?
I don't receive negative comments because people that follow my blog or buy my art are really nice. I would not be able to deal with them...

How do you deal with your art not selling?
To be honest - most of the time I think it's not selling because it's not good enough. I try to do better.

The Now:

What is your current experience with hearting your art?

More and more I heart my art. Or elements of it... Not always.

Do you still struggle?

Sure I do.

What do you do?

Continue to paint.

How do you survive the moment and continue arting?
I don't give it too much thought. I just continue painting. Add a layer. More paint. Try to do better.

Do you compare your work with the work of other artists?
That is never fun.... but I do.

Do you have a process for your inner critic?

Not really. I just move on... There is always a new piece of paper, canvas or wood.

Do you know the ‘what’s the point’ jerk? How do you deal with him?

I hate that one the most, so I splash some gesso over him. That shuts him up.

In what ways do you feel the struggle to heart your art has manifested itself in your life?

Probably in a way that I'm working a boring computer job, not doing what I would really love to do...

Where do you believe this struggle comes from - what do you believe the root is?
Maybe way back from elementary school when I was shy about creating anything. I would draw a tiny figure on a big piece of paper and the teacher would give me a bad grade. It lasted all the way through school... Still trying to overcome that one.

What is your best tip for someone who struggles in this area?

If you feel it in your heart, take the time and do whatever it is that you love. There is a moment when you realize that it's a bigger struggle not to do it, than to continue. Create for yourself and heart the time you spend doing it.

Is there anything further that you’d like to add?

Thank you for this series. It is really great to read all the interviews and learn more about the artists behind them.


  1. Thanks again for featuring another immensely talented artist! :) I loved learning about her and her amazing work. :) Theresa

  2. Thank you my friend. It is always fun to learn about you.


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