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Interview 2: Heather at Audrey Eclectic

I have long admired the art of Heather from Audry Eclectic. Her hauntingly beautiful images transport me to a world of the past. Her words below have altered my view and inspired new thoughts. I'm very grateful to her. Check out her etsy shop and her website.

The Past:

How long have you been arting?

Well, like many artists, I've been drawing and creating since I was a little girl. Many afternoons were spent at the dining room table, writing and illustrating little stories in notebooks. I took a lot of art classes in school and college but was always told you couldn't grow up to be an artist. For many years, I just considered it a marginal hobby. I created my little folk art business, Audrey Eclectic in 2007, when I was able to stay home with my infant daughter (audrey!) and wanted to paint again.

Have you always hearted your art or did you struggle to do so?

Well, learning to 'heart your art' is a long process. There's lots to work through, like finding your own style and voice, and also just being confident in what you create. I've always liked to draw and I suppose I've hearted art since I was a little girl. But only in the last few years have I felt confident enough to call myself an artist.

What was the process you went through?

Well, its an ongoing process. Most artists are always growing and changing and trying new things, usually in the pursuit of creating something 'more' or 'better.' I suppose the key for me is to just put my blinders on and create art that I love and not worry about other people. However, this is a lesson I'm constantly having to remind myself about!

Has there ever been a time when you stopped arting because of this struggle?

Not really...I always seem to find myself starting a new project! Maybe its pathological?

Family and Friends:

Is (or was) your family supportive of you and your art?

Yes, I usually got positive feedback from creating art (well, except for that time I ruined some furniture, haha) but for a long time I always got the impression that having a career in art wasn't possible and I needed to be practical about things. I'm sure this came from my parent's wish that I didnt starve to death once I grew up. They are very proud and supportive of me and my business now, I think they are happy I can follow my dreams.

How about friends (past and present)?

Yes, i have very, very supportive friends--- many of whom I met through my art and doing local shows and events. Its wonderful to have creative people in your life. Also important to me was the presence of many supportive teachers who always made me feel special because of my art.

Outside Influence:

How much influence does ‘the outside’ have on your feelings about your art?

No matter how hard you try, its easy to compare yourself to others and get feeling down. But I also love to see other's art and get inspired, often times I'll see something and it will trigger an idea in my head. With the ease of finding art and beautiful things on the internet, there is no end of inspiration...although sometimes I can get overloaded and overwhelmed by it all. Its a fine line to walk!

How does positive feedback effect your feelings?

It's wonderful! It makes me feel like I am on the right path. It is the most wonderful feeling to know that you've followed your heart and created something that then speaks to someone else. I have gotten so many sweet comments at shows and lovely emails and they always make me feel so loved and blessed, and very lucky.

How do you deal with negative comments?

Unfortunately, for sensitive types like we artists, one negative comment can overshadow a dozen positive comments. I'd like to say they slide right off of me, but I can't help but take negative comments or situation to heart. Fortunately, those are few and far between, and I usually bounce back! It's impossible to think that everyone will love what I make or 'get' it. I just have to keep on keepin' on.

How do you deal with your art not selling?

Well, when your art isn't selling you have to realize it may not be the art's fault ;) many factors--- such as promoting yourself, the economic times, making connections or doing the right shows has a big effect on sales. You just have to keep going no matter what the sales numbers or saying. And thinking of new ways to get people who will love your art to see your art.

The Now:

What is your current experience with hearting your art?

At this moment in time, I honestly feel like I am in a transition when it comes to my art. I decided that in 2010, I wanted to take things more slowly, explore my art more, try new things. It's scary when you feel yourself pulling away from the style/subjects that you have become known for--- but it's worth the try. If you just keep doing the same old thing, you'll never grow.

Do you still struggle?

Of course. There are many times when I feel like a painting didnt translate as I wanted it to from my head to my canvas. Or I wish I did something as well as someone else. Or...the list goes on. I find that the best cure is--- rest when you need to, replenish the well of inspiration. But always go back and try again. All it takes is one good painting to get the confidence back and then I'm off and running!

Do you know the ‘what’s the point’ jerk? How do you deal with him?

Happily, I think I've moved well past that because I am confident there is a point. After doing several shows, selling online, and meeting so many kindred spirits out there who enjoy my art, I feel like being able to make art is a gift I'd be a fool to waste. I feel like I've only got this one life to live and the only 'what's the point' moment would be 'what's the point of NOT following your heart?"

What is your best tip for someone who struggles in this area?

My advice is to give yourself permission to try. I think many times we want to rush into things and it be perfect with the first painting or first collage or first anything. That is very rarely the case. Creating art, especially original art, takes a lot of listening to your own heart and being brave enough to try and fail, and also just create for the sake of creating what you enjoy-- not what you think is popular or what will sell. When you really create out of yourself, then its something you can really be proud of.

~Heather from Audry Eclectic~
etsy shop
her website


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  1. Thanks Melissa! I hope everyone gets inspired to heart their art from your campaign!~

  2. Great interview- I've admired Heather's work for awhile now :)

  3. Great interview, I love heathers work!

  4. Thanks for this Melissa. Your posts are have opened up a new world of art for me, very different from my own work, but I'm so enjoying it and getting lots of ideas!

  5. What a wonderful interview! This is so wonderful that you are doing this!
    With love,


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