Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The story of my magickal Nest-ucopia

Lately I've been hanging out

drifting in and out of dreams

some of which came true recently

which got me to thinking about Possibility
and how Wonderfully Expansive she is
it was about that time that i realized how in my Life, She Is (opening)

i began to feel (lead)

many things happened:
ideas gathered
items showed up
Ability cracked Her knuckles
Magick happened

i began my work with Courage and Determination and a "let's just see" kind of attitude

i actually took time to ask me what i wanted it to look like and be like
the answer was clear

that meant my kind of rainbow love
the pinks
the blues
and their purple kind of love

yet knowing that i have a fondness for
The simplicity of white
and The warmth of brown
and their sacred old-timey kind of relationship

Meanwhile, Comfort craved cotton
so i dyed it in tea
thankfully this,
made things easy on me

time passed
my nest began to

Then i worked with un-Belief and also with her close cousin un-Sure'ness
i suspect that un-Belief is just Belief with different color hair
i hope to prove this scientifically some day

i spoke with my friends about it
i said, "It's either cool or it's not cool. i can't figure out which one yet.
But, i won't give up until i love it. i'll just keep adding layers." :)

at night
any moment i found myself awake
i thought.....what can i do?
what does it need?

suddenly in some unremembered moment, the answer showed up

hello? isn't this supposed to reflect you and your taste?
well then Words,
words baby girl.

there is poetry written all over your flesh
why not the flesh of your nest?

so, i gathered words from old projects

my mixed-media soul spoke of things that inspire
like (paint and paper)

and (paper flowers)

layers happened
then un-Sure'ness came over and sat next to me
we stared at it
"What do you think about glitter?"
"Well, see, here we are where our tastes differ."
I break out my journal and find this entry
"notes for nest - girly and comforting
sparkle, glimmer, shimmer"

after, even un-Sure'ness agreed that it looks beautiful

i painted the inside the colors of me

i made a bed of cotton and moss and colorful confetti

i glued stars to the ceiling

and allowed myself to fall deeply in love

i took my heart from my chest
and laid it in my nest

so, when you struggle
i am here
making unsure nests (and trying to post from my insides out)
so, even if it's only you and me
going through this insanely delightful journey toward art
that's enough to mean WE'RE NOT ALONE

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How it goes Auntie Emme

When slumbering in sleep
the mind stumbles

the years become ripe
the soul scatters to the wind

images are smitten with one another
the body is contagious

reason has lost the way
doubt arises as a single thing

grief shares its death
fear moves like smoke

effort speeds off with choice

vessels pump pain

limbs withdraw from understanding

& absolutely nothing seems held together

Remember this...
when the eyes

& the cheeks

& the voices dry up

when the mind dissolves its lethargy

it is then,
that is the time when the spirit summons back Life

cling to this hope

look toward this happening

for it will be

for it is yours

for it has arrived
for it is now

yeah baby.

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Need some help liking your own art?
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