Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mad T Party 2012

Welcome to 
A Magickal Meliss’s 
‘mAd T pArTY’!  

This is gonna be so great!
If you forgot your T, don't worry, we’ve got all kinds of T’s for you to try.

You could try this one

or this

How 'bout this one?
*slow down there*

Or, if you'd like one with a little more to the back
*wait a second*

then this is the one for you!
*Hold on would you*

But if colors aren't your color and black is more your style.....



*I really don’t think that’s what Vanessa meant by Tea party.*



oh buttons....well, my plan "has gone bye bye.  What've you got left?"  (movie quote #1)

*The whole party planned!!  AND the world premier of Al-liss in Onederland the video!*

 Really and Truly?!?


"i love you.

*I know.*"  (movie quote #2 which was in two movies and said by the same two characters, but they switched lines in the 'second' movie which was really the 3rd movie.....or the 6th movie.....)

This is what I've been spending most of my time on since Vanessa first mentioned The Mad Tea Party and there were times when I was mad (thank you rain) and times when I felt I would go mad (some of those songs can really get stuck in your head after listening to them over and over and over).'s done now.  And I love it.  It's my bestest work to date.  And I hope you love it too.

So grab your popcorn or cup of tea if you'd rather and let me tell you a story.  Don't skip out on the credits either.....I put something really cute at the end just for you.

(movie quote #3 can be found in the movie......hint:  it's only 1 word, but repeated twice)

Al-liss in Onederland

Anyways, I could make up another story to go with all of these lovely pictures,
but I'd much rather tell you a story that is true.

It's a story about all the past me's who never did anything like this.

But she did buy this lovely set of tea cups and saucers
having no imagining of their starring role in today.

And she bought that gold vase when she was still living with that jerk
who never appreciated her unless he didn't have her.

And that purple glass bottle!

Slowly but surely she'd been collecting things
bits and pieces
everywhere along the way of our life

odd treasures to keep in a bird's nest

seeing the beauty in the part of the moth wing she found on the ground
and the pleasing structure made by the wasps
She gathered

and precious stones and crystal quartz
bought many years ago
at Bell Book and Candle in Maryland
when she thought they were her friends

rusty keys found in an old trash pile in the woods

and adorable owl tea pots traded for presents that just didn't work

and balls made of sticks wound around and around

Robin's eggs hatched and discarded by the birds were riches to her

and more and More and MORE colored glass bottles because they're just so pretty

feathers and silvery coins and tiny green tinted lanterns
were all chosen
because she knew

like these old, plastic watermelon plates have a whole new life

I could make something wondrous from it all

Oh, can't forget the dead bee body I carefully transported into the woods and placed on this flower

or the shell of whatever that is next to the pretty green bottle from Goodwill

is it weird?
don't know don't care
'cause now it's art
many of these items would have just rotted away
and no one would have ever seen them again
just like all those past me's

but instead we're all here together creating amazing'ness

they have a whole new life
those watermelon plates aren't the only ones!
no longer a bee
or the shell of a life
but they now have a life of their own
and a purpose beyond what a normal dead bee body or egg shell would have

sounds like us,
me and all those past me's
who are still in here
like the beauty that's still in this rose
even after 1 and 3 quarters years
even after the girl it was given to stabbed me in the back

and the apple scent of the chamomile flowers
that still lingers even after they've been cut
and dried
otherwise they would have withered on the stem with the others
now I am glad I was cut off instead of withered amongst the rest

for this Tis the key
I am living a life
Thee Life
I've always wanted to live
but didn't always know it exactly

because apparently it takes time to get to know ourselves
just like anyone else
especially when people are......well,
to quote the 'real' Doctor Bob
.... funny (The Hubby says - is funny the right word?)
which causes you to turn into a Mad Hatter of sorts
but that was when I started taking long, slow sips
and deep, slurping gulps of Me

that was when the magick started to happen when I got back on course
instead of being centered on them
and their Mad Hatter'ness

for I am now living the life I know I was meant to live.
It has been specifically designed with me in mind.
the life 2 years ago me wanted
the life 5 years ago me wanted
the life 10 years ago me wanted
the life 20 years ago me had no vision for, poor girl

the life 25 years ago me had only a small glimpse of when she saw Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.  You know in the beginning when the latest heroine is sitting in her room alone blasting Dokken and making a house?  That was me, well blasting Dokken alone in her room late at night.  I wanted to make that house.  I tried.  But I received no encouragement for it.  As a matter of fact, I specifically remember receiving discouragement. Which is fine now 'cause I don't need your approval any-more. 

I have gained the approval of Me
which is all any of us really needs (did you know?)

I think about all these past me’s
lonely unhappy left out misunderstood blamed lied to talked about put down left pregnant as a teenager
and I still send messages back to them.
because they matter to me
the others
the incidents
she does

I say, "Hang on chick!  Hold on and do not sweat a thing that is going on 'cause one day, it’ll all be far away and not have any hold on you or over you in any way.....emotionally, physically, mentally, financially!  It all got a house dropped on it.

You're not alone because I am with you.  We are together.  And We're an artist.  And we're living sucessfully as an artist!  Now that's cause to CELEBRATE!

You are happy. You are you, finally and truly. So buck up girl!"
And no offense to The Hubby, but that’s the love that matters the most.
Because without that you have no love, no matter how many people love you.
Does that make sense?

I live my life, happily, not just me, but for others who didn’t and won't get the chance to.

Dena Seibert.

and Janice whose voice has not been repeated.
Maybe she would have been happy if future her had been alive to know it and send the message back.

If you can say all the same things to you and about you - high five!
It rocks, don't it?

and if not
take heart
there was a day when I couldn't either
1 year ago I would have NEVER guessed that I made this dreamy bed!
I wanted it
which is why I did it
and how.
but then, I had no clue where to start on such a thing.
but time and effort changed that.
but time and effort change most things.

ssshhhhh can't you hear it?
it's your future self sending you a message back
She says to come back here later this week to find out how to make this Molten Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookie cupcake and home-made whipped cream
oh, and she loves you and you're totally kick a$$!

Welp, I'm putting my feet up.......

Second thought, it's 2 AM! I'm taking like a weeks long nappy 'cause I feel super blurry after all this work.....just for a blog post.......

Yeah, that's right......just for a blog post that made me really really happy.
Sometimes that's enough of a reason to work yourself blurry.


ps:  You may have noticed talk of movie quotes. Just for fun, can you guess what they are from and who said them? Sorry, no prizes beyond bragging rights and you'll impress The Hubby if you know them.....especially the one. He'll already be impressed that I used it.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Don't worry, you're not late!

It's almost time!

Mad T Party countdown:  3 days!


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