Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What I learned from Quaker Oats

So, I'm sitting here drawing in my art journal

and I thought, "What's the point of this?"

I got the answer from a Quaker Oats commercial....

It said, "Why do we grow Quaker Oats?

because there are mountains to climb,

dreams to be realized,

new worlds to be explored,

and hearts to be won."

It showed a girl in a bedroom, on her bed, writing in a notebook......

just like I am right now.

It's so super easy to forget why we do what we do.

Especially when it's something that the world does not value.

Sadly, in our world, creativity and self-exploration are not rewarded.

Not with money and jewels,

but instead with deep sense of self-satisfaction,
which comes from The Self
and no one else.

I was going for that high school notebook that took months to create with doodles done here and there......in the classes you hated......which for me, was all of them, look.  I believe I achieved it.  I wish my high school notebooks looked this beautiful.


Ps:  Sorry my post was late - internet troubles which can't get fixed until Saturday which means I probably won't be around until next week.  See you then!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Ideas and Points and Shards, oh my.

"Do I understand what the big idea of my life is supposed to be?  If my life is a story, then I have to know the point of my story."  DeVon Franklin (Produced by Faith)

Once upon a time there was A Magickal Meliss who lived in a storybook castle.

What happened to her?

That's what we're gonna find out.

Me, Her, and You......together.

But DeVon said you gotta understand the big idea, know the point.

Knowing the point and knowing exactly how it will be revealed, how it will make its-self apparent are two different things, honey.

The big idea is an experience of enjoyment, a devotion to delight, a study of self satisfaction shared that summons shards of sweet contentment to be created continuously in an outward wave that resonates and reverberates out and out.

How come they have to be shards?? 

To pierce the fashionably thick skin that everyone seems to be wearing nowadays.


I want nothing more than to have what I do,
if only,
a moment of pleasure for You,
dear sweet fellow traveler.
And if not, I'm okay 'cause I'm presently pulsing with pleasure of my own.


Ps:  The last picture above is a peek at the cover.  See it entirely on Monday.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I've been doin'

Taking things like this

and doin' things like this

and makin' pockets like this

or pockets like this

and doin' more and more zig-zag stitch

and using home-made multi-colored thread

and at the end of sewing each page, finding a beautiful tangle of threads
which is sometimes how Life feels

and being so in love with zig-zag stitch I'd marry it if I wasn't already

and making cards like this because.....

I see so much cute'ness around me...

that I want to record it all

and taking old calendars

and grunge-ing it up with sand-papier

and adding layers upon layers

and the smallest imprinted 3's

and coming out with something so beautiful that I've looked at it every day since

and making coffee mixtures and taking steamy pictures

and dipping and dye-ing papers

and making lists of things I need to do to take care of myself

in between the making of art

and looking forward to using them all on September 1st

and arriving to this place

still with empty space.


Ps:  See what I fill it with on Friday

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Tale of Tea: Part 5

Part 5: The conclusion

So, it's all done now.
Deep breath.
Is any of it perfect?
and I mean NO!!
especially the movie.....there are lots of things about it I’m not 100% pleased with.
I watch it now and say, “I wish I hadn’t done that.....or that.....or that”
sometimes I feel embarrassed about certain things
or I now look at it and think it's dumb.
But truly that's what's dumb.....those thoughts.
I was pleased with it before
so why am I not still pleased with it?

'Cause the "It's not good enough jerk" slipped in the back door when I wasn't looking.
You sir, may kindly - Get Out.
What did I say?  It's supposed to be fun, not perfect.
Well, was it fun?
H- E- double hockey sticks to the YEAH, it was,
even with all the problems, it was still really, really fun.
The Hubby and I make most things fun cause we just make fun of it and laugh about it.
I mean how can rabbit poop and mustache oil and knock-off watches and boogies and burping not be funny?

And honestly and truly, looking back now,
every single one of those ‘Problems’ made my victory even better at the end when I completed it.
I got to say, “I WIN!” in my bed Ted Mosby impression
and know that I did.
I passed the test because I keep going and I kept a good attitude.

Unlike in June,
when I failed the test,
but that’s another story.


Ps:  If you missed The mAd T pArTY here it is.

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Need some help liking your own art?
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