Friday, May 11, 2012

Moody Blues Days #3

You greet me before the waking of the sun & begin the romancing right away -
You kiss my eyes into open'ness,
You kiss my mind into aware'ness,
You kiss my breath into conscious'ness,
You kiss my ears into the hearings of bird songs,
You kiss my body into rising,
You kiss my creativity into action,
And All Day Long,
You kiss my mouth into a kiss back to you,
for Now I Know it was You,
Always You -
& none other -
but You In Disguise,
My Love,
who kissed this heart,
my heart,
into beating the very first beat you wanted it to beat in the beat that would be the beat of my life.


ps:  I try to enjoy the beat of my heart, but honestly sometimes it grosses me out.  oh well.  i still try, it is my heart after-all, and what keeps this body I ride around in alive.  That's of my most precious commodities.  I am more careful what I do with it and to it.  I wasn't very smart with it when I was many ways.  Be grateful for your heart today!

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Need some help liking your own art?
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