Friday, February 22, 2013

Featured Film Short: In The Storm

I want to share my overflow,
my overflow is a video of me creating a piece of art for myself.
I wanna art journal anyway.
So why not share that with others
in a very pleasing way
that perhaps leaves them with that pep in their step they’ve been looking for
or that inspiration to finally do something they’ve wanted to do.
It doesn’t have to be art.
(it can be sword-swallowing)
They can simply take the fact that I’m just a girl out in the world art journalling because she wants to......
She wants to have books that she made with her own two hands,
filled with her art,
and peppered with her life’s experiences
sitting around on shelves
that say,
"Pick me up and gaze at my pages."
That's a life-time of work.
I am embarking on a life-time’s amount of work
and starting it NOW!
I’ve already begun.
I have 20 handmade journals full of what happened in my life, my feelings, my thoughts, my ideas......
And I have 5 art journals full of experiences and feelings and thoughts and ideas dressed up in mixed media art.
There are artists who have been recognized for that type of dedication,
that type of work.
I don’t know their names,
because I’m terribles with names,
but I know they’re out there,
and if this type of work was worthy to them,
then it can be worthy to me.
And even if it NEVER gets recognized by this world,
And for the times I THINK I do care about that,
I write this.
dear heart of mine,
It’s the only thing you have found that chases those cares that mean nothing away.

What will you do?


Friday, February 15, 2013


I literally woke up one morning,
in bed,
and slowly opened my eyes to see
a fox
just at the edge of the woods
looking at me,
looking at it.

The realization that it was real delighted me fully awake
and it urged me to document this wondrous happening unfurling in the path of my course
and to not just let it pass,
because honestly, how many times do you see a wild fox?
answer:  not often,
and I live at the edge of the woods.
it was just really cute.

It stood,
intently inspecting the area where the trees stop.
Finally deciding there was no danger,
turning it's back upon me,
and silently continued to contemplate its surroundings.

I felt blessed and amazed and appreciative for the experience of seeing another form of LIFE.

and then I found out,

there were two.

You know,
aspirations are great.

Just be careful what you aspire to.

And make sure it's Your idea that comes from Your Heart.

It's okay to aspire just for Happiness.
simple and pure Happiness.

Because from where some of us start,
happy is a pretty lofty height.

~Be enchanted~

Ps:  empty bird cages are the prettiest

Friday, February 8, 2013

Thread and Paper


ps:   “It takes courage to be successful.  It is far easier not to be successful.  Misery will always have company.  Success breeds contempt.  If you don’t want to make waves, be mediocre, be normal and fit in. And if you’re more concerned about people than you are God, than neutralize everything He put in you, just fit in with everybody else.  Dress like ‘em.  Walk like ‘em.  Act like ‘em.  Eat like ‘em.  Go where they go.  Think like they think.  Do what they do.  And once you’ve neutralized your unique’ness, you don’t need courage.  It takes courage to be different.  It takes courage to go where you’ve never gone before.”  “It takes courage to get you outside of the box.”  “It takes courage to win.  People don’t talk about people that don’t win.  If you win, they’re gonna talk about ya.  Do you have the courage to stand there though the storms keep raging and the people get to talkin’ and you stand there and say I’ve come too far to turn around?”  “Do you have the courage?”  Bishop T. D. Jakes

Do you have the courage to keep making art even though a lot of the time, it seems like there's no point to it?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Winter Weary

For those of you who are weary of winter.

Not me.....I love it.  It's the perfect time to dream while snow falls softly outside.


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Need some help liking your own art?
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