Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's cooler than my haircut?


How magickal is that?? HUGELY!

I know I really like something when I wish I did it. I'm jealous in a really, really good way. And I'm really happy to be the one who wishes she did it because I know and love the one who did.

Isn't being confident in yourself and your own gifts amazing? It gives us the ability to adore things, admire others, and not feel less about our own talented selves all at the same time!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

A more way: AKA - what God told me this morning


a more poetic way to say it:

waters of ocean all come to pass

for beneath terrible cries

light lays in waiting

even in the deepest cave

mangled bodies contain

the untold strength of Heaven

so shrink not from the beating Life provides

for in this bitter whacking

purpose gallops into your soul

a more fun/wise way to say it:

screw 'em
they're just not that important in your life
don't make your day about them
make your day about:

tiny pink flowers

houses in a row

your art hanging out,
all together,
with you

standing tall

tender silver coins

paint dripping down

and pencil

and clay

the halo you wear that sometimes only we know about

the sweetness that you are

the beauty you create

the amazing abilities that you contain

to release

to find the tiniest of accidental hearts

to speak your truth

to keep going on YOUR journey despite
the bullstuff that attempts to distract you

these are all gifts I have given you
regardless of what they think
and if they have a problem with you,
tell them to see me.
and don't forget the most important part,
the key to the whole thing.........................

don't make THEIR issues YOURS.

Go make some art instead!

Hey, you, who seems to have a problem with me......
Guess what.......
God said for you to see "him".

You're gonna get in trouble!
You're gonna get in trouble!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Living mixed media

What I've been doin' lately:

constructing lil boxes out of paper

accidentally covering my hands with layers of paint and glue like a mixed media flesh

loving on The Source of us All

listening to gorgeous music

stumbling into old patterns and trying to remember what they look like for the future

tuning into incredible inspiration

writing sacred words together

forming something out of 'nothing'

falling in love with the idea of being guided, lead to somewhere amazing, all over again

realizing the slow, drawn out telling of a story is so much better than the alternative

meeting beautiful new sisters

embarking on something that will alter our world

struggling in a few areas which I refuse to let win

releasing things I've held on-to, but don't need any-more

feeling excited about where that crazy cool Source is taking me

hearing the whisperings of Spirit

loving me more than before

entertaining and smoochin' on my precious cats

congratulating me

giving absolute credit to my Sourcey-worsey

thinking about you

being quiet around here

feeling slightly guilty/worried about it

knowing that I'm just doing my thing

claiming my right to

understanding that it isn't hurting me or my future

sleeping, then not very well

going with the flow of it

appreciating my art, then not, then finding my way again

embracing the shift that has begun with-out and with-in

looking forward to fall

wishing I called it autumn

filling up that Source-shaped hole with the one and only 'thing' that fits

thinking and dreaming about the future

letting go of the control of the direction of my life

wanting to ultimately do only one thing: help

staying out of worryville

dancing with fear

telling failure, "Sadly, for you, you do not exist."

saying, "Pop-tart stop."

living my developing journey with as much grace, joy, and gratefull'ness as I can muster in every given moment

creating who I'll be in the next second

being blessed by the soulship I have found in my sisters & amazed at the way wishes develop into our actual lives

moving on

circling back

finding out

not understanding















and just plain being fabulous.

Wha' chu' doin'?

Same things?

Yeah. :)

It's fantastic, isn't it?

Need some help liking your own art?

Need some help liking your own art?
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