Friday, September 10, 2010

A more way: AKA - what God told me this morning


a more poetic way to say it:

waters of ocean all come to pass

for beneath terrible cries

light lays in waiting

even in the deepest cave

mangled bodies contain

the untold strength of Heaven

so shrink not from the beating Life provides

for in this bitter whacking

purpose gallops into your soul

a more fun/wise way to say it:

screw 'em
they're just not that important in your life
don't make your day about them
make your day about:

tiny pink flowers

houses in a row

your art hanging out,
all together,
with you

standing tall

tender silver coins

paint dripping down

and pencil

and clay

the halo you wear that sometimes only we know about

the sweetness that you are

the beauty you create

the amazing abilities that you contain

to release

to find the tiniest of accidental hearts

to speak your truth

to keep going on YOUR journey despite
the bullstuff that attempts to distract you

these are all gifts I have given you
regardless of what they think
and if they have a problem with you,
tell them to see me.
and don't forget the most important part,
the key to the whole thing.........................

don't make THEIR issues YOURS.

Go make some art instead!

Hey, you, who seems to have a problem with me......
Guess what.......
God said for you to see "him".

You're gonna get in trouble!
You're gonna get in trouble!


  1. love love love this post- from beginning to the very end. I think the yellowed eye girl is one of my all time faves now. Altho they all are amazing. gotta go make some art now......c-ya! xoxoxo

  2. Keep making the awesome art that drives you, Beautiful Melissa.It is where you shine like you were born to. Thank you for the jellyfish dance.
    Big floaty sweet hugs !

  3. Love your message! Thank you so much! :)

  4. What a great post Melissa!! All of your art is amazing! Love the girl with the blue and pink hair!! Beautiful work! :)

  5. Well to hell with whoever is bothering you!!

    Today m'dear is most definately about you!!

    Your artwork is truly gorgeous, I never tire of looking at your beautiful work!!
    And I just have to say....OMG that heart on the lip....AMAZING little detail, so cute, loving it hugely...can you tell? :)

    Those houses on the chunky blocks? are they wood blocks? I am lovin those mixed with the girls on the fronts..... gorgeous!!


    Micki x

  6. Yum, Yum, Yummy...even beautiful when ranting...haha! Your creations are a delight to the senses...your words a pick-me-up for the soul...

    ...your talent a cold shower followed by a bracing slap for me to get my act together!!! You've got it going on....and on...keep at it :)

  7. Such a beautiful and true post, accompanied by your amazing art work. I recently received a nasty message from someone "anonymously" who had some terrible things to say. It hurt but I also realized that I am not the one with the problem. Anyone who must attack under a veil of anonymity is cowardly and hurtful. I am stronger than that. Thanks for helping to reinforce the message.
    xoxo Theresa

  8. You Art is a Joy. Thank you for sharing it with me :)

  9. You made me laugh so hard. But you're so right!

  10. I just love this post! The words, the art, your voice. Whoever is bothering you is no doubt already "screwed" in some way or another - otherwise, why would they do it? (and I am a therapist, so I am kind of an expert on such things)
    Thank you for all of your beauty. I am in love with the heart on those lips. Such an inspired detail.

  11. The ocean life photos are amazing. It really doesn't get more inspirational than that~! Wonderful post!


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