Monday, October 18, 2010

The delicate nature of Being

It's a rainy day........



stay inside

& listen to music from our youth

& take apart a bouquet of flowers

& hang them out to dry

& record their intricate beauty in our camera

& live as if we are already these 'accomplished' people we long to be

& not just nobody sitting around filling up spaces in time

& then think what a ridiculous thought that is

& continue on with the day, stringing words together simply to delight our own selves

Like this:

Organs of sense

confess the scattered

light of death

what is false pretense

massed together with heart & soul?

only the fervor of fight & love

so press onward everlasting corruption

discern all things by their roots

lop off that which twitches its toes
& slaughter doubtless minglings

for among the living trunk

of the bereft nature
of the sudden'ness of Life

wishes are granted to those who are You


Monday, October 11, 2010

You've been on my mind

I kept meaning to tell you all the wonders that were occurring
Then Life would sweep me toward another direction
Days gathered themselves together

And they rained and rained all in a row

Magick came my way
made a home with me in my studio
and junk tried to slip in between
sometimes I noticed it right away
sometimes I didn't

Today, I shake it off like rain drops on a leaf

I lay back and look out my window

My friends, speak to me of our precious wild beauty

Write your wonderful inspiring authentic self into a pile of journals
leave it for those you love
so that they may know you again
after you are gone
allow them to experience YOU....

Make surprising and magickal packages for faraway friends
Do something 'good' for our economy
use the post office!
let us send snail mail love to one another

Gather the harvest that exists all around you
for even a small harvest is still A HARVEST! :)

Turn the world up-side down

Light lanterns of all kinds to help you find your way
don't kid yourself
be prepared
for there will be darkness of all kinds too
many times, in places you never knew to be dark before

Do something 'dangerous'
Declare something
then dare to paint it on your wall - free~hand!

Live on the 'edge'
Don't be afraid to be arrested by "The Wall Police"
Go to jail for what you believe!
(God, please keep us out of jail :)

If you don't know yet,
FIND OUT how to comfort your wonderfully amazing awesome self.
Learn what gives your tender child-like heart wings

When you feel unloved and unheard
go to your art
it will never leave you nor forsake you

Always remember what your true loves are
for me
it's sketching with mechanical pencils

and writing poetry:

my home
my sanctuary
where my heart can
nestle up
cozy down
sink in
and float away

Make that house for your tender heart to rest in
Create that home in a miniature form and then expand it outward!

Decorate it the way you like

Draw stars on the walls!

And make nests of beautiful scraps!

Be Blessed
and know,
that YOU are on my mind.

ps: Oh, and love your female friends!

~To All My Female Friends~
I wrote this post for YOU......
, YOU, are the Magick of my Life and VITAL to my Journey.
You are ALL A Healing Balm.
Your time and your words have comforted me when I've needed them to.
I've received comments here that have CHANGED MY DAY!
And I have wonderful, amazing, totally cherished real~life female friends
that have Changed The Course Of My Life!
I send YOU my deepest gratitude.
In return, I hope that these words that I've left here for you, in time and space,
comfort your journey
make you smile
help you dream
remind you of YOUR OWN

YAY US!!!!! :)

Rock on.

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Need some help liking your own art?
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