Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buried Treasure 2011

Seth over at The Altered Page has created an event titled Buried Treasure which you can read more about here. It's about going back and finding "buried treasure" in the form of posts that you love. I'm also using two of my all-time favorite pictures for this post.

Here are a few of my "buried treasures"......I had a really hard time choosing.

The Delicate Nature of Being

A More Way

Something of 'This' Sort

Earth Task

I have several videos you can check out if you'd like.

You can also find a link to another of my favorite posts over on the right. Thanks for visiting and Thanks Seth for creating such a cool event!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordy Wednesday 3: Victim

It might interest you to know that the word victim comes from the Latin word victima which means victim, sin offering, sacrifice. In Websters 7th New Collegiate Dictionary, it means:
  1. a living being sacrificed to a deity or in the performance of a religious rite
  2. someone injured, destroyed, or sacrificed under any of various conditions
  3. someone tricked or duped
But it might interest you more to know that it isn't in the Bible. No-where in the Bible is the word victim mentioned. There are a lot of different kinds of people and situations talked about in the Bible, the Bible is a pretty big book (just in case you didn't notice), and they (victims) aren't even mentioned! As soon as I realized this I said, "Whaaaaaa??? For real?"

Now, while I don't believe the Bible is the end all of everything, but I do know it is a pretty important book Full of wisdom. So...if a word isn't even mentioned in it......that means something to me.

But, what?

Someone said, "There are no victims, only volunteers."

Is this "the proof" that that statement is true??

What do you think of the concept that we come to Life to learn different things? To have a variety of experiences? To understand Who or What I Am is through those experiences?

So, if there are no victims, does that mean we are participants? Even in the most horrid things that happen?

I curious, what do you think?


Monday, July 25, 2011

Mi-ni-Meliss-tic 3: The Greatest Power

progression must have its seasons of repose;

and these are the soul's sweetest music,
harmonizing the entire being and fitting it for mightier battles,
for greater victories.

And in these lulls lies, after all, the greatest power.

from the book Experiences of Eon and Eona


Friday, July 22, 2011

The Laws of The Woods

When there's no path to follow,
you have to make your own.

A tree that becomes hollow,
then becomes a home.

In the human world, we want to be seen,

not left all alone in a scene filled with green.

But in the forest, invisibility is a gift,

where praying mantis is alone and hope-fully adrift.

Wood dries and it hardens and turns into fuel,

for trees still alive to keep this place cool.


and seedlings,

and strange sticky fruit grow,

while berries do ripen in the summer sun's glow.

Butterflies appear to be sitting in wait,

casting away all control of their fate,

but this is the place where they're most liberate,

for a bloom is a time to stop and celebrate,

all the gifts and the ways that their forest home provides,

place after place to find shelter and hide,

the renewal of life ever-lasting and true,
but this is the last law that I'll tell to you...

If you walk far enough in,
to the deepest
most secret part,

that is where,
you'll find the forest's heart.

~and I hope you do~

PS: For my friend whom I adore and miss........squeezies!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Birthday Brothers post

Happy Birthday time for Wentz and Mooka!

They've had their Fancy Feast feast and now it's story time,
so a birthday tail in honor of the brothers.

Once upon a move from an apartment to a house,
four years ago,
we decided to get a new kitten.
And when you go to the local humane league website and see a face like this...

there's no resisting.

And then when you talk to the girl who is fostering them
and she says, "We're having a two for one deal......"
because she knows you won't be able to resist,
there's definitely no resisting.

And even though you didn't really want another black cat,
you did want a cuddly, lovable cat,
so you choose the "free" one based on personality and not looks.

And when you bring them home,
Rowan and Binx are not happy about it,
especially when the "free" one gets sick
and then proceeds to get every other cat sick,
one by one.
Cats have boogies.

So you take them to the vet
and someone asks, "Are they brothers?"
and you smile and reply, "They are now."

Finally they all get over it,
and that's when the playing in Tastycake boxes begins......

and right after that it's nap time.....

and more naps...

and then it's some seriously hard napping - anywhere and everywhere.

and maybe sneaking in a little suckle on a stuffed bear
because someone wasn't quite ready to stop suckling

So, you keep taking pictures of them while they're sleeping
because it's the only pictures that aren't blurry
(kittens are very hard to take good pictures of).

Until they wake up...

and say...

Why are you always taking pictures of us?

"It's for one day when I tell a little birthday story about little two boys
who became birthday brothers."

and they reply, "Oh, okay then."


Monday, July 18, 2011

Mi-ni-Meliss-tic 2: I forgot the words and have become hopelessly lost

"Guarded indeed were we by the heavenly messengers

whose special province it was to be a light

in the paths of lost children."

from the book Experiences of Eon and Eona


Thursday, July 14, 2011

The La-boratory at Fern Hill Cottage: The Home of My Artistic Soul

First, a movie for your viewing pleasure.

(Welcome! This post is for the "Where Bloggers create 2011" event - see the sidebar to link to the list of participants. Click on the pictures to make them bigger. I hope you enjoy your stay.)

Do you think this room knew before I lived here
what it would become?

Or is Its life more like ours....



Pursuing our own self through time,

always one step behind,
until one day...

we Find ourselves,
Then Unfolding,
And Finally,
Revealing Thee True Nature of Being.

Then we can look at all these gathered up and collected bits,
and know...
This is what our insides look like,
and finally arrive at some appreciation
of the person we don't know we already are.

During my investigation, here's what I've found out about this room.

While it awaited creation,
it swirled around Thee Pool of Incandescence,
and imagined It's Self formed...

of gossamer bags filled with ghostly moon faces
married to bags filled with Time,

of glass jars overflowing with moss,

of dried gourds with hidden seeds just waiting to be shaken,

of flowers long ago bloomed,

of buds never opened
which dried into a beautiful form all their own,

of rusty stars leaned on green glass jars
filled with birch bark from a friend,

of luminous coins longing to be spent,

of herbal leaves lying behind oddities to admire,

of Chinese Lanterns to enlighten the way,

of feathers made of flight,

of fuzzies bristling in many directions,

of strange unknown pods gathered on a walk,

and of birds that freely sit in cages with doors wide open...

or not there at all.
(Because truly, caged birds make it sad. Me too.)

But mostly
I believe
It imagined Its Wondrous Self formed of Art of many varied kinds.

And when I finally realize all this,
I notice that the dusk has crept over the day.

And night brings her shroud of hush
around the world out~side of this space.
That is the time when the shadows begin their play,
About Adventure and Thee Loves of Luck.

And it gets darker and darker and harder to see
that is when this room reminds me of me...

I am color,

and I am words mixed with beautiful images,

and I am light and dark and all the I am~s in between,

and I am enchanted by nature,

and I am lead by an unknown intelligence
that never never ever leaves my side,

but most of all,
I am Art of many varied kinds.

So now it is proven,
We are not where we began 4 years ago.
Progress has been made.
But nor are we at where we end.
We are delightfully somewhere in the development of the idea of us,
me and my room,
and of the life we share together.


Need some help liking your own art?

Need some help liking your own art?
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