Friday, July 1, 2011

A plate full of collected magick

I found the plate at an Anthropological place.
simple. beautiful. empty space.

Then I found the rusty, crusty key.
thrown away long ago by some unknown somebody
maybe because they forgot,
what it was you did unlock.
or maybe it was because they did not see,
what you were meant to open was my belief in Me.

Then I found the skin of a snake

the ghost of its face left wide and awake.

One side of the skin is cut like a jewel
while the other one formed like rings in a pool

Nests of all kinds
are favorite finds

from creatures that fly,
Life's high above spy.

Tiny black feather with spots made of white,

Dragonfly wing made of crystalline flight.

Then back on the ground
here's what I found.

Two pieces of wood
through one look, you could.

and what would you see?
Lots of rocks possibly.
But alas to you I must confess,
(to keep this rhyme from becoming a mess)
Some rocks on this plate weren't sought,
but alas and instead they were actually bought.
But again, if you take them away,
and into the air you do say
"Meliss, please tell us what's left in the end?"

Only the heart shaped rocks found by my friend.


ps: Thanks my friend Sandy for all of your contributions to my plate full of magick! Love you!

ps: Thanks Yoda for making it okay to talk backwards.

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