Friday, February 11, 2011

The preciousness of presents

Past the forest I mingled with mirth

for the muse's sweet call grasped my heart

i looked down at the foot of my feet

& seeing the heights to which I'd risen

knew i was free

of emptied space

& instant time

& blind night days

& great dangers who dance with ruin

because Art is always present

Are You?


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For the In-joy-ment of it all

When i grow weary of the tatterings from life

i close my eyes
and look from the out~side in


of tickled pink roses on a glittered roof

and of pine cones tucked in~to a corner

and of strange candelabrums to light the way

but mostly I dream of poetry written on the walls,

In limitless time,
the sum of things
scattered forth.
while flashing fires
& liquid light
dissolved immortal lament.
this is the nature of the soul.
i slipped forth
& swam into the breeze.

or how about:

Philosophy pressed against the nature of things
& said,
This is the honey of poetry.
with my mind set upon good reason.
with the charms of a muse,
telling tales of a tall and floating woman,

in the woods,
with her Unicorn galloping freely home.

Then I wake up and say,
"How many times will I allow life to make me forget?


of Paint. Darn it!



Paint flows through my Soul
& out my flesh
& onto every

That means I can always bring it back to color.

"So can you," she says.

Yeah, You can.


Friday, February 4, 2011

The Logistic of Life

When snow is perpetually present

and paint drips down

and everything you do comes out grungy

and the kitties make a mess of the house
and instead of helping to clean up, they take a nap on the couch

and the light fades into the distant horizon

even when all of those things happen at once
the eye can still see

it can still look from many angles

and it can remind you that
No matter what happens you can RISE

You can.
Wanna know why?
because there's soup and homemade bread with butter

and because if you put your spoon into the soup,
there's hidden yummy'ness

and because there's sisters on the journey
that you can make up faerie~tales about and post on the internet

and because there are princess hats to wear.
how can that not make you happy?


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Need some help liking your own art?
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