Saturday, July 24, 2010

Making found poetry can increase your vocabulary

Why beyond other happenings,
I trow earth and sky be mortal.

Moreover, everlasting life does abide,
close locked bodies of matter war,

musicians are poets to harmonies,

and in certain arts I discovered myself shattered.
I stitched me back together.

I found the word "trow" in an old book. I had no idea that it meant "to believe." Go figure.

I'll be on vacation with my family this week. See you in August. Make this last week of July the best!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Going around and around isn't a bad thing

Sacred Spiral, I long to be caught up in your grace
swept up in~to You
even if I get drug along

Your infinite, circle~ish mindset fascinates me
never touching what was

pressing pressing pressing on with forward movement
yet ringing around what you were when you were small

You are so much more now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What are you full of?

I am inspired
full of the flame lately
burning through time with art action
I dive into the poetry pool and arise adorned in glistening words
I toss them upon the beach and scatter them around
for any one to place in their bucket
I paint myself into a corner
and love it

I am pressed
between these pages

Purpose settled in my eyes
music flutters in my hair
words lay in my mouth
I pick up the pen
& write it all down

Here's a sneak peek of a special project I'm working on.
What does her eye say to you?

I think she says: Go make some art baby!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Journals: For the love of words and art

All this comes through my soul
through my body
through my mind
through my eyes
through my hands
through my tools
through my experience
through my dreams
through what I want my life to be

What can I say of that day?
The wind whipping through my soul.
My face uneven.
My heart beating thrice.
& my mouth full of dirty poetry.

A work finally complete:

Create yourself in the image of your inner Empress.
She will never lead you astray.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Key to today

Today, like every other day, I am wholly holy.

My skirt flowing.
Hair wrapped & covered in a sacred scarf.
My extremities adorned in bells & colorful jewels.

Around my neck The Priestess of Mermaid'ness floats. (*)

I feel.
I am.
In my life lately, there have been happenings of bats & chipmunks,
new birds my eyes have never before laid upon
& tidings of turtle ways.

In the hill outside my studio window,
there are eggs hoping to hatch.

There have also been spiders & snakes.
I honor their presence,
acknowledge the fear they awaken in me
& allow them to pass on their way,
to wherever they are going,
which is the same place I am.

Bells tinkle all around me.
They surround my ankle & wrist,
they hang at my waist.

Oh my Gypsy spirit is awake.

Oh Mother,

keep me at your breast,
guide my soul,
help my feet to walk where I must,
teach my hands your creative ways,
show my heart the secrets of its~self,

grace my mind with Peace,

show my eyes beauty in all things,

fill my nose with the sweet smell of You,

lay my tongue to rest for now,

allow my ears to listen & to hear only You.

Yeah, that's what I want for this gorgeous day.

Me & You, swirling around each other.

*(necklace by Queen Kim)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hopping (& Hoping) on the Hope Train

I saw this post over at the Queen of Arts (Kim). I left a comment. Then I received this comment from Liz, the coordinator of the project at Helpmate,

"I saw your comment response on the Queen of Arts blog post about Hope Notes, which is my project that I've created. I want to say that I absolutely LOVE your art here and would love to see more of it... I encourage you to participate in the hope notes project if you would like! :)"

That sealed the deal....I can't resist someone as sweet as that! Woo-Woo, I was definitely on board.

I drew a new girl over an old card. As she developed, I was gifted with her wisdom.

even when it's still a little blurry.

We are sacred creatures who have the ability to hope & hope & hope,
even when it seems there is none.

The stars are very, very, very far away.
We will never be able to embrace them.
Yet their light reaches into our hearts.

When things seem dark....

We can look again with a different eye.

Our lips can say, "Don't give up. I believe in you."
Sometimes we need to say that to the person we see in the mirror.

We can wear hope on our mind like a Queen's crown.

Inside I've written this message to us all.

You have many more sisters in the world than you will ever know.
We stand behind you when you need a push.
We are beside you when you want to skip.
We go before you to light your way.
We are all around you and we encircle you in our love.

Never give up on you, even when its seems everyone else has.
If you do, let it only be for a moment so you can remember, in comparison, how it feels to not give up on you.


I send you love and belief and deep cleansing breaths.
Your destiny opens before you. Leap into it Sister!

I have hope that this action will make a difference in someone's life because the fact is that no matter who we are or what kind of life we have, we all experience hope-less-ness. If I can ease that in someone else, I feel more hope~full that our world can change............if we change it.

Need some help liking your own art?

Need some help liking your own art?
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