Friday, March 29, 2013

Featured Film Short: Snow Dance

I have wanted to see these dolls dance since I made them two years ago.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Featured Film Short: A Solitary Soiree

I taped those sunsets like 2 or 3 years ago.
i can get around to using things i have hanging around.
I didn’t realize they would come together in this particular project.
But they were used in their originally intended ways.....
Sped up
to show their beauty
unfolding at the speed
many of us live our lives
and the way the crazy truck drivers drive.
"crazy truck drivers."

The picture is from the Halloween story I told entitled:

The Curious Commodities of Mistress Marjoram
that was where I began,
I pulled every color from there,
starting with one of the least,
the pink in the ribbon of the Mermaid Flesh jar.
Everything else came from there.

Bodies are hard for me,
so I draw what I can.
lesson learned:
it can turn out pretty great,
so stop it
and just draw

and btw,
F***ing Forget what you can’t.
(Sorry but it needs it!!!)
THAT’s how we’ll finally get to the point where we can express ourselves without using each other’s expressions as comparison for the condemnation of talentless’ness and the resulting pointless’ness and finally our own artistic death.

If in between your ears,
a voice said,
"You can't do what she does...." with a sneer,
i reply:
If you can’t do what I do,
so what,
what I do is nothing in your life when compared to what You can do in Your Life.
You’ve got the power baby.
Now all you gotta do,
is make it happen.

I’ll be right here in my La-boratory,
making things happen too.

~Be enchanted~

ps:  it says, You can throw a party by you for you.  You can still have fun even if you're the only guest.  If that bothers you, invite God, He'll always show up.

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