Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Gateway to LissaDoll-House Land

Get into bed,
snuggle deeply into the pillow,
tuck the blanket all around you,
and I'll tell you a story.......
about the day I found The Gateway to LissaDoll-House Land.....

It was a day.
I woke early.
The woods were snowed covered
& misty
& calling my name.
I walked
& soon became lost in the liquid filled atmosphere
which clung to the trees
& surrounded my senses
bewildering my directional wisdom.
In Life, to lose one's bearings can cause death,
or worse,
you may end up a sniffer at the old shoe factory.
But in the woods,
behind my house,
well, that's exactly the kind of place where a story would begin,
if it hadn't already begun with me in bed.

but back in the woods,
I turned around and around,
dizzying my already confused state,
which only served to further my mess.
It was about then when I saw,
what looked like,
a tiny pink hut,
with a tiny winged girl standing inside it,
peering back at me.

She waved,
I walked.
She spoke,
I tried not to choke.

"Miss, it's so wonderfull to see you." Her voice small, but lovely and filled with genuine excitement.

"It is?" My face contorted, my nose wrinkled like I smelled a cat fart.

"Well, yes, of course!"

"You know me?" Surprise saturated me on many levels.

"Everyone in LissaDoll-House Land does. Why, many of our residents wouldn't even have housing without the generosity of your creative nature. They would be outside at this very moment freezing their doll butts off."

With a shrug of the shoulders, I replied, "I am glad to be of service."

"Indubitably. I am the Guardian of The Gateway of LissaDoll-House Land." She completed her introduction with a curtsy.

"Gateway?" I questioned, my confusion reborn, for I recognized in our midst no gate and no way. As a matter of fact, there was nothing at all to indicate an entrance to anything, let alone a land of dollhouses.

She only smiled, then answered, "The Gateway may not appear like much of a gateway nor I like much of a guard of it, but the impact of each could and would set new worlds a-spinning, I a-sure you. This is why we both seem so unimportant, so valueless. You see, no one fights for what seems worthless and a gateway can be anything, anywhere, like between two trees in the middle of the woods behind your house. Magick isn't found in what a thing looks like, it is found in what a thing Is. We've just found it easier this way. Besides, it keeps the riff-raff out."

We both laughed.

"Makes sense," I replied, but still something inside felt unsure. Life has many quirky qualities that astound even the most studied, and although I am no scholar, it wasn't the fact that a seemingly small and empty space between these two trees could hold a whole entire world that I didn't believe, it was the fact that I didn't know it existed, yet they knew me.

"You seem lost in thoughts."

"I am. I cannot get over the fact that I am known in this wondrous land."

She nodded, her head tilted, her hand on her chin, her eyes to the sky, and then spoke, "I understand only as best I can, never having had your particular experience. Perhaps one day, when I am relieved of my post, I will embark upon an epic journey and find a place where I am known too and then I will write you a letter and say, "I so totally get it!"

Her smile warmed and comforted me.

"Well, tell me, what would happen if I walked through?"

"Dimensional, Transportational, Velocity,"

"Sounds technical."

"Very, minus the math."

"When can I go?"

"As soon as you do."

I stood, contemplating the ramifications, the rhymes, the reasons, but in the end I knew I knew all along, who wouldn't want to see a land of dollhouses? No one I want to know.

I smiled and thanked her.

I stepped forth......


Ps: Dream Palace by Troika

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