Friday, July 5, 2013

In a papered pocket or How to create a fold-out signature and pocket

Oh, so sorry art journal lovers!  All these Fridays just kept getting away from me.
But, I finally wrangled this one in
and I’m here to tell you

How to create a quadruple fold-out signature for an art journal using file folders

with two bonus Peek-a-boo pockets!


2 previously made signatures (see previous post)
1 file folder
sewing machine, glue, or (maybe) double sided tape (I cannot vouch for double sided tape holding up though over time)
masking tape

*if you have not sewed your signature on a sewing machine, work only with the bottom file folder of your signature, follow these directions, and when complete, then re-compile your signature and bind following previous directions*

Take two signatures created using the previous directions.
Open them up to reveal the bottom right page of one
and the bottom left page of the other.

Trim 2 - 2 ½ inches off the bottom left page of the signature opened to the bottom left page.
Take the single file folder and open it up.
Trim 2 - 2 ½ inches off the left page of that.

Working with one at a time,
the signature open to the bottom right page for example,
take the singular file folder and slide the trimmed left page on top of the bottom right page of your signature.
(In this photo, the file folder isn’t trimmed, but lets pretend the one on the right is.)

You want the side edge of the bottom page just shy of the fold of the single file folder, so that it will be able to open and close easily.
That means, on the inside, in my book, the trimmed edge is about 2 - 2 1/4 inches away from the fold of the signature you’re sewing onto.  (Although I do have one that is 1 1/4 inches away and it opens and closes fine.)
Try taping it first to make sure it works.

Optional if sewing:

You can place a few strips of tape horizontally the top and bottom to hold the two pages together as you sew them.
These can be removed afterwards or remain, whichever is your preference.

This photo shows how to sew, glue, or tape to create the fold-out signature and pocket.
(if using glue or tape, follow pattern in between the two papers)

Working with the second signature opened to the bottom left page (which you previously trimmed).
The trimmed page will again be on top.
Slide it on top of the right page of the single file folder (which is now attached to the other signature), again being aware of the folds and leaving appropriate space.
Sew, glue, or tape in the same pattern
and now you’ve created a quadruple fold-out spread
AND two pockets to hide stuff in!


Instead of using the bottom page,
in this section, I used the fourth page in the signature,
which is the middle right page.

Here, it opens up a tri-fold-out section

and on the other side,
another quadruple fold-out with two pockets.

** Preparing these fold-out signatures to be bound into an art journal**

Because these signatures will be bound using the fold of the single file folder
(typically it’s at least 3 file folders thick),
I wanted to add some strength to it.
I added 1 layer of masking tape along the middle fold on the front and back sides before binding it.
(in these photos my journal has already been bound with waxed thread)
You simply go through the tape as you would the paper.

Happy Journal making!


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