Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Birthday Brothers post

Happy Birthday time for Wentz and Mooka!

They've had their Fancy Feast feast and now it's story time,
so a birthday tail in honor of the brothers.

Once upon a move from an apartment to a house,
four years ago,
we decided to get a new kitten.
And when you go to the local humane league website and see a face like this...

there's no resisting.

And then when you talk to the girl who is fostering them
and she says, "We're having a two for one deal......"
because she knows you won't be able to resist,
there's definitely no resisting.

And even though you didn't really want another black cat,
you did want a cuddly, lovable cat,
so you choose the "free" one based on personality and not looks.

And when you bring them home,
Rowan and Binx are not happy about it,
especially when the "free" one gets sick
and then proceeds to get every other cat sick,
one by one.
Cats have boogies.

So you take them to the vet
and someone asks, "Are they brothers?"
and you smile and reply, "They are now."

Finally they all get over it,
and that's when the playing in Tastycake boxes begins......

and right after that it's nap time.....

and more naps...

and then it's some seriously hard napping - anywhere and everywhere.

and maybe sneaking in a little suckle on a stuffed bear
because someone wasn't quite ready to stop suckling

So, you keep taking pictures of them while they're sleeping
because it's the only pictures that aren't blurry
(kittens are very hard to take good pictures of).

Until they wake up...

and say...

Why are you always taking pictures of us?

"It's for one day when I tell a little birthday story about little two boys
who became birthday brothers."

and they reply, "Oh, okay then."


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