Friday, July 22, 2011

The Laws of The Woods

When there's no path to follow,
you have to make your own.

A tree that becomes hollow,
then becomes a home.

In the human world, we want to be seen,

not left all alone in a scene filled with green.

But in the forest, invisibility is a gift,

where praying mantis is alone and hope-fully adrift.

Wood dries and it hardens and turns into fuel,

for trees still alive to keep this place cool.


and seedlings,

and strange sticky fruit grow,

while berries do ripen in the summer sun's glow.

Butterflies appear to be sitting in wait,

casting away all control of their fate,

but this is the place where they're most liberate,

for a bloom is a time to stop and celebrate,

all the gifts and the ways that their forest home provides,

place after place to find shelter and hide,

the renewal of life ever-lasting and true,
but this is the last law that I'll tell to you...

If you walk far enough in,
to the deepest
most secret part,

that is where,
you'll find the forest's heart.

~and I hope you do~

PS: For my friend whom I adore and miss........squeezies!!

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