Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's a walk, now it's some art

First it's my feet




then it's a money plant in bloom

when you look closer it's the veins running through

then it's two butterflies making new life in an herb garden

look again and it's the butterfly's eye

then it's something taking over

it's a thorn

and then many thorns

it's an umbrella made of green

it's seed to feed the animals

no, it's sunflowers growing accidental in a bunch

could it be an unfinished project

or a project on it's way

certainly it's a project complete

boo hiss, it's a weed

now it's a sea of dandelions

it's something growing where it's not supposed to

now it's something that's allowed

it's trying to heal

it's healthy

it's baby life uncurling

it's coming to the end of the cycle

but it hasn't even started yet

it's laying around

now it's crawling along

later it's drifting away

Suddenly it's drying out

now hanging out

But so rock-in

and swing-in

After all, it's breaking down

and burning up

but still, it's always ALIVE and AWAKENING and BECOMING

But mostly, it's inviting you


Now, it's gonna be some art. Here's some pages from an art journal I recently started. Before I was more into making art that could be displayed. I didn't get the whole keep it hidden away in an art journal thing. But I've become infected, cough, cough.................

a page in progress

Make your day great!


Need some help liking your own art?

Need some help liking your own art?
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