Monday, October 18, 2010

The delicate nature of Being

It's a rainy day........



stay inside

& listen to music from our youth

& take apart a bouquet of flowers

& hang them out to dry

& record their intricate beauty in our camera

& live as if we are already these 'accomplished' people we long to be

& not just nobody sitting around filling up spaces in time

& then think what a ridiculous thought that is

& continue on with the day, stringing words together simply to delight our own selves

Like this:

Organs of sense

confess the scattered

light of death

what is false pretense

massed together with heart & soul?

only the fervor of fight & love

so press onward everlasting corruption

discern all things by their roots

lop off that which twitches its toes
& slaughter doubtless minglings

for among the living trunk

of the bereft nature
of the sudden'ness of Life

wishes are granted to those who are You



  1. You had me at Cassette! {schmirk} "}

  2. Beautiful and poignant...always a feast for the senses :)

    Happy Rainy Day to you, too...

  3. beautiful altars in your playroom and in your mind, my friend. yeah.

  4. Why can't I do posts like this? Just fab. x

  5. Beautiful, just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing this. Have a great week.

  6. I love the hands, and the peacock feather!

  7. Just beautiful and magickal, Melissa. Thank you for sharing what is in your heart. Theresa

  8. beautiful photos!love your blog.I'm a new follower!So happy to have found you!

  9. saved the best picture for last!
    And the previous post? I adore the idea of making a little house for your heart to rest...FUN FUN!!

  10. hi melissa! i hope you are well! i miss your inspiring posts!

  11. Gorgeous photos! Love your altars and art!


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