Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's cooler than my haircut?


How magickal is that?? HUGELY!

I know I really like something when I wish I did it. I'm jealous in a really, really good way. And I'm really happy to be the one who wishes she did it because I know and love the one who did.

Isn't being confident in yourself and your own gifts amazing? It gives us the ability to adore things, admire others, and not feel less about our own talented selves all at the same time!



  1. BIG Smile!!!!! Thanks sweet Melissa.....You continue to inspire me to be me! The BEST Sandy ever!!!!!! Love you!!!!

  2. That was just AMAZING! Thank you for sharing it, Melissa. You are right - it feels good to be confident in yourself and your gifts. I am trying to do this each and every day. :) Theresa

  3. Thank you for starting my morning with a smile!

  4. Beautiful!!! BUT I now I want to know who did it! LOVE those lips!
    Visit when you can, I have something for you on my blog, xo

  5. Dugh. Okay, just got it! Thank you for sharing! xo

  6. Love it! and i wanted to thank you for your wonderful comment its nice to know we are not alone in this world... Thank you


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