Friday, February 15, 2013


I literally woke up one morning,
in bed,
and slowly opened my eyes to see
a fox
just at the edge of the woods
looking at me,
looking at it.

The realization that it was real delighted me fully awake
and it urged me to document this wondrous happening unfurling in the path of my course
and to not just let it pass,
because honestly, how many times do you see a wild fox?
answer:  not often,
and I live at the edge of the woods.
it was just really cute.

It stood,
intently inspecting the area where the trees stop.
Finally deciding there was no danger,
turning it's back upon me,
and silently continued to contemplate its surroundings.

I felt blessed and amazed and appreciative for the experience of seeing another form of LIFE.

and then I found out,

there were two.

You know,
aspirations are great.

Just be careful what you aspire to.

And make sure it's Your idea that comes from Your Heart.

It's okay to aspire just for Happiness.
simple and pure Happiness.

Because from where some of us start,
happy is a pretty lofty height.

~Be enchanted~

Ps:  empty bird cages are the prettiest

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