Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I've been doin'

Taking things like this

and doin' things like this

and makin' pockets like this

or pockets like this

and doin' more and more zig-zag stitch

and using home-made multi-colored thread

and at the end of sewing each page, finding a beautiful tangle of threads
which is sometimes how Life feels

and being so in love with zig-zag stitch I'd marry it if I wasn't already

and making cards like this because.....

I see so much cute'ness around me...

that I want to record it all

and taking old calendars

and grunge-ing it up with sand-papier

and adding layers upon layers

and the smallest imprinted 3's

and coming out with something so beautiful that I've looked at it every day since

and making coffee mixtures and taking steamy pictures

and dipping and dye-ing papers

and making lists of things I need to do to take care of myself

in between the making of art

and looking forward to using them all on September 1st

and arriving to this place

still with empty space.


Ps:  See what I fill it with on Friday

Need some help liking your own art?

Need some help liking your own art?
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