Friday, August 24, 2012

Ideas and Points and Shards, oh my.

"Do I understand what the big idea of my life is supposed to be?  If my life is a story, then I have to know the point of my story."  DeVon Franklin (Produced by Faith)

Once upon a time there was A Magickal Meliss who lived in a storybook castle.

What happened to her?

That's what we're gonna find out.

Me, Her, and You......together.

But DeVon said you gotta understand the big idea, know the point.

Knowing the point and knowing exactly how it will be revealed, how it will make its-self apparent are two different things, honey.

The big idea is an experience of enjoyment, a devotion to delight, a study of self satisfaction shared that summons shards of sweet contentment to be created continuously in an outward wave that resonates and reverberates out and out.

How come they have to be shards?? 

To pierce the fashionably thick skin that everyone seems to be wearing nowadays.


I want nothing more than to have what I do,
if only,
a moment of pleasure for You,
dear sweet fellow traveler.
And if not, I'm okay 'cause I'm presently pulsing with pleasure of my own.


Ps:  The last picture above is a peek at the cover.  See it entirely on Monday.

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Need some help liking your own art?
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