Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Tale of Tea: Part 4

Part 4: Posting it the day before the party

Living in the country and having satellite internet, I am really limited to how much I can use
So, I go to the library when I’m doing something big
Uploading the video to YouTube took me several hours
it took so long I didn’t have time to upload most of the pictures for the blog post
because my computer ran out of battery!
Okay, well, no great hardship
I’ll just finish it at home

hey.....why does Blogger keep saying my post isn’t saving?
Maybe it just messed up
let’s try saving it again
it’s still saying there’s an error
how ‘bout now?
Still saying error.
Yet when I open another window and check my list of posts and open another one of the post I’m working on....all the work is there
keep working.

I work all day Friday on this (which is why I don’t post that frequently ‘cause it takes me hours and hours to post - I don’t know why).
I break when The Hubby comes home, eat dinner, play some video games.
I work again when he goes to bed.

It’s 2:00 A.M. and I’m only just finished saying everything I want to say.
I still have to read it through cause lets face’s 2 in the’d better read over what you wrote ‘cause it might not make sense.
Fine....but I gotta go to bed and do that in the morning, 

which comes at 6:45 when Pop-Tart wakes me up.
GRRRRRRR - I convince him after threatening to hit him with my pillow to leave me alone.....he kindly does.
At 8, I get up, feed the cats, and I begin working again.
No breakfast cause it’s shopping day and we’ll get breakfast sammies and cappuccino from WaWa (yum yum)

Blogger does its normal annoying things of messing up where I put pictures and putting spaces where I don’t want them
as well as continuing to give me that same error.
BUT, it does one worse with my help
I delete spaces in the html area cause I can’t get them to delete in the usual place
which messes the entire thing up by having no spaces at all!

So I have to change it to recognize the html code and go in by hand and put the html code for a return everywhere I want one.
I get a whole section done and go to check it and mess it all up again by checking it!
It’s getting late and WaWa only serves breakfast until 11.
If I miss my breakfast sandwich because Blogger is being a boogie I swear!!!
“It’s supposed to be fun, not perfect??”

Up, Al-liss-es.
Still giving me the same error
only as I’m adding the code back in everywhere I want a return
I doesn’t just say there’s an error saving
it says either publishing or saving
that’s when some voice in the back of my mind said, “Am I going to be able to publish this??”
I didn’t pay full attention to it cause honestly, I just couldn’t go there.
I just had to get this part done.

I finished with the codes.
There were still spaces where I didn’t want them to be, but at least there were spaces and not just everything all squished together.
I tried to get the comments back on....which didn’t take, don’t know why....stupid computers.
When I was finally done.....I clicked on Publish.......
So I clicked it again and again and again and again and again........
Have you ever wanted to bend your lap-top in half the opposite way it’s supposed to go and crack it in half?
I have.
Serenity Now.

So, I have gone through the work of Part 1: The Beginning and the hell of Part 2: Getting it all on film and the nightmare of Part 3:  Uploading and Editing, editing, editing, and most of Part 4:  Posting it the day before the party.....AND THE ACTUAL POSTING IS WHERE I WILL BE DEFEATED??
All this work and it will sit impotently on my computer, never showing up at the party ‘cause it couldn’t find a ride.
That's great.

Oh sure, I can make a bee show up by taking a picture of a dead bee body and saying to myself, “Oh, I’ll write that on the blog post.....Who invited the bee to tea? How cute.”
And I can make it rain for 3 days in a row, just like I asked,
and I can make this awesome film and all these beautiful pictures and write this inspiring post,
But I can’t actually post it on the internet??
“NO!  You eat your darn meatloaf!”

It’s a good good thing I am a clever, clever girl......
I said to myself or God said to me, “How about going back to that post list......I think there’s a way to publish from there.” 
And there was.
HA!  Beat you!
I win again!
WaWa breakfast sammie, here I come.


Ps:  Conclusion - Friday
Ps2:  If you missed The mAd T pArTY here it is.

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