Friday, August 20, 2010

When life gives you lemons, call a friend, then write poetry

or just come back to this post

The abundant blessing of a wise and loving friend

In the moments of my life
there are instances of driveway nonsense
& attempts at thievery
& down right evil
& nothing and no one to stop it from happening
these are challenges
of my strength
my determination
my hope
my faith
my trust
my love
& just when I feel like I'm gonna
cave in
back peddle
return to what I left with absolute determination
She says this
"Surely a driveway won't defeat you.
A driveway.
A driveway?"
I smile and say
"You're good at this.
Really good.

The unnoticed battle of turtle hatchings

The moon rose & the sun set an undetermined amount of times since
the walking
the seeking
the searching
the circles
the slow digging of back feet
the laying of potential
& the covering of it up
dryness ensued
unsure'ness prevailed
the sun pounded the hill
we spoke of it randomly
wondering if
until he saw the open hole

peering inside
we found potential had hatched
now free of all that contained it
held it back
covered it up
helped it to grow
none of them victorious
as potential celebrated quietly without announcing its self
then it crept off into the woods to live its turtle life.

PLEASE don't allow being almost unnoticeable

or being smaller than a finger when you start out

or being buried in a dry, hot, and weed filled hill
having to dig your way out with your tiny, tiny arms
having to live
hidden under leaves
until you are bigger

make you forget

that you have wings made of hearts on your back baby!!
and they will take you every where you want to go!!
you just gotta flap 'em and flap 'em and flap 'em some more!!

and don't let that stuff make you forget

that magick exists!!
it's very rare to see a turtle smaller than 3.5 inches!!
but my family did!!

so don't let that "driveway" defeat you!!
You are so much better than that.


  1. *sigh* in the deep contented way : )

  2. yes! i have wings! and from now on i'll be using them!!!!

  3. Fabulous! and oh, that tiny turtle just so wonderful.

  4. This post was beautiful and perfect in every way, Melissa. Thank you for sharing these amazing words to live by. Theresa

  5. The strruggle of that teeny turtle is, indeed an inspiration to BELIEVE!

    Thank you for the reminder :)

  6. Wings made of hearts on your back, Baby!
    I love that!!!
    I found a turtle like that in my yard last year.
    We kept him for awhile and then slipped him into a pond :)

  7. I love love love this post. Heart, potential, possibilities, support, wings, hope...oh, and beautiful Art ! What more could you ask for ?
    Happy Sunday, Beautiful Meliss !

  8. I just wanted to let you know that I wrote you an e-mail, so be warned : )

  9. Hi Melissa, I'm so glad that I found your blog--beautiful post--looking forward to more--I'll be following.

  10. Wonderful thoughts, MM. The turtle journey is heartwarming to read and combined with your own "driveway" mishap, one can't help but be lifted up in inspiration. We can handle anything when we call upon our "muchness," yes?

    I so enjoyed seeing your art too. Fabulouso!

  11. Good Morning Melissa!
    What a beautiful blog - your poetry and art are stunning - and I LOVE your esthetic. So happy to finally "meet' you!
    Kristin xo


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