Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FalIing for a string of un-understood words

The eggs of birds beget flight

while mortal men keep their feet on the ground

sensible bodies kindle positions into every pore

for what loosens them is what tightens me

and I have not sprung from vital motions just to let you have your way

So what say ye of morning minds that come with old age?

I totter on the edge of reason eloped with lethargy


  1. if I am being honest, I am not quite sure what this all means( i am un-understanding), lol, but I know you and I know there is deep meaning. You may have to explain..... :-)
    LOVE you.....

  2. Nor is it boring...haha! Beautiful words....like something you'd find on crinkled, aged paper tucked within the pages of an old book :)

  3. Love your picture play, Poet-Artist-Girl.

    Feeling a bone deep lethargy this morning myself...hoping reason and imagination will win out...

  4. I have no idea what it means. I was hoping you'd tell me. :) HA!



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